Sleeping Through???


My LO is 4 months today and showing no sign of sleeping through.

He isn't a big eater so wakes in the night but I am wondering whether to drop the dream feed as he hardly takes anything and then becomes unsettled and just see if that helps!

My 1st baby is in a good routine and slept through at 3 months, this one just doesn't want to play ball!

Any ideas welcomed.

Many thanks.



  • My lo is 6months and has just started sleeping through. Obviously he is on solids now but I think the main reason is I've been actually waking him between 10-10.30pm, changing his nappy then feeding him. Everytime I've done this in the past few wks he's slept until around 7am. Once I did feed him without changing his nappy and he woke in the night again so I think changing the nappy really helps, whether its because it keeps him dryer for longer or because it wakes him a bit more I'm not sure yet! x
  • Unfortunately I don't have any tips, but my LO didn't sleep through until 6 months. Prior to that she'd wake up anything from 2-5 times a night, even when I started weaning. I don't know if the fact she was bf has anything to do with this.

    I tried a dream feed for a few weeks but it had no effect whatsoever so I gave up. Changing her nappy in the night only seemed to wake her up more.

    The good news is she's slept brilliantly ever since she was on 3 meals a day at 6 months - it was like a switch has been flicked.

    Hope someone has some more useful suggestions - if not, I hope he sleeps through of his own accord soon!
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