Am i a bad mummy?

My nana has just been shouting down the phone at me cause i have not had Evie weighed since 2nd jan shes getting weighed next fri when she gets her jabs though. She perfectly healthy, bright and alert and takes her milk when shes hungry, she has plenty of wet & poo nappies, Evie is 10weeks should i be weighing her more? My nana has mad me feel like such a crap mum xxx


  • I havent had Riley weighed since before xmas hun. Your nana always seems to be on at you? You're not a crap mum, you'd know if Evie felt too light or was looking unhealthy. I used to go every other week with Riley, but now trust my instincts and go if I need advice rather than just to get him weighed. As you say, she's happy and alert, so you're doing a fab job. xxx
  • Well Alf hasn't been weighed since 30th Dec so I'm in big bother!!
    Honest babe don't worry, like you say she's helthy and alert and you know her best. It's not like you're never getting her weighed?! xx
  • I didn't have my lo weighed from 8wks till 15wks and the hv didn't have a problem at all. Apart fomr the fact that he's gone up a centile but that had nothing to do with me not taking him to get weighed. S x
  • hey. funnily enough i had this conversation with my husband this morning. i was going to take max to get weighed but after his first feed this morn we both fell asleep. you can only go between 9.30-11.30. we woke up at 11 and max wanted another feed. so we never went., he hasn't been weighed since 23rd dec. he is 9 weeks now and he is healthy and i am not obbsessive about his weight but i did say to matt this morn i think it must make me a really bad mum as everyone else does it quite often. but i am so pleased to see that i am not the only one. i will make sure i stay awake for next weeks weigh in. lol.
    but even though i questioned being a bad mum i read your post and tjought bless you of course your not. its funny how when someone else says it we see it differently. just ignore your nan. you know whats best for evie.
  • i get millie weighed every month, i had her weighed at 8 weeks 12 and 16weeks so far if i thought she was losing weight then i'd go more x
  • No, you are definitely not a bad mummy. Once a month is more than enough.
    I go once a month but more often lately as the HV wants me to come back every 2 weeks cos Gabe's dropped nearly 2 centiles. xx
  • Iv always tried to take Zacky to be weighed every 2 weeks, not because I have concerns, but because everyone always asks how heavy he is, and it gets me out the house LOL.

    Most people I know only take LO to be weighed every month.

    We were gonna go to be weighed this week but didnt get up in time. Could have gone this afternoon as well to a different baby clinic at same surgery but we had a lazy day and didnt get dressed.
  • from 2 mummies here! NO!! we haven't had our little ones weighted for ages noe need unlesss you are worried about then not putting on weight! my friend with me has had her little one weighted since oct her 1st birthday and before that she took her to clinic 4 times in total.. she simply didnt need to her baby WAS putting on weight and was healthy! & she is a mother of 3.... I'm sure we can become TOO obsensed with these things hun! x
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