Sucking food from pouches! Bad?

My LO is almost 11 months and WILL NOT take a spoon for anything! Not even yoghurt anymore. Occasionally fruit pots but only about half before she gets annoyed!

But, I discovered the other day that she will v happily suck yoghurt/fruit from Ella's Kitchen type pouches! She take it all really quickly and happily. Do you think this is ok? Obv I would never leave her unsupervised, and keep my hand on it all the time. She's not a big milk drinker so for her to happily take a 90g yoghurt pouch in about 30 seconds is a massive result from that side of things!


  • Hi Baby B, my LO is very much the same-except he will now happily have a yogurt!

    I buy ella's fruit smoothies which are designed to be drunk from the pouch. Are for lunch boxes but suitable for LO's too. I let Ioan suck them straight from the pouch and don't see a problem. Same as you I never leave him alone with it and supervise him the whole time. Really can't see a problem with it as long as she's happy and your with her.

  • I think she's very clever to have worked it out! Does she know how to use a straw? Apparently some babies love drinking through straws - and it would be so handy! You could make her milky drinks and smoothies, and never have to bother taking special cups out with you, just a straw! xx
  • E has done this for while. OH taught her when he forgot a spoon, its very convenient! image

    If it gets food in her go with it babe.x
  • My LO is a fan of doing this, she is at the stage where she would much rather feed herself, so for out and about the pouches are a godsend.

    The important thing is they are getting enough food - dont think it matters how exactly they manage it!
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