LO undoing her nappies

I use re-usable nappies and my 14 month old daughter has started un-velcoring them, even through her clothes. Has anyone else had this? what did you do? did they grow out of it? I dont know whether its worth buying some wraps with poppers to use - i'm using the pop-ins so its an AIO system - but i thought i could probably bodge it with some different wraps as closeparent dont have any popper wraps. help!!


  • My 7 (almost 8month) dd has started doing this recently, not with the clothes on but when she is getting changed she is taking off her own nappy and then when I am putting a fresh nappy on she is trying to take it off again!! I haven't found a way to stop it as yet other than to keep moving her hands away and try and distract her with something else!
  • i aws wondering about this. dd is only 12 weeks and not doing this yet though!
  • Yep Luke does this now I mainly use bum genuis reusables and when he wriggles out of his trousers I then find he often has half nappy on or the other day he had it off, then could tell he was about to have a pool, could not get a wipe fast enough!

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