Dry scalp

Kara has dry skin on her scalp and some days it looks worse than others especially when it flakes. Just wondering does anyone have any recommendations what to use on it to help it clear up. I used Olive oil when she was a baby on her cradle cap and found it good but didn't know whether to use it again as she is older andI didn't know whether it would do any good as her hair is longer. I don't know if the dryness is any worse because of her diabetes or she has just generally dry skin. Her body at times too would be dry but moisturiser sorts that out. Any advice or recommendations would be great. She is 17 months.

Thanks in advance
Louise & Kara

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  • My hv recomended head and shoulders for cradle cap - would this work for dry skin too??? If not I would go with the olive oil again, might just be a bit harder to get it on her scalp now her hair is longer.

  • My 2 year old has it lately and I had her at the doctor today for tonsilitus and doctor noticed and recommended oilatum cream. Went to chemist and it also comes in gel and shampoo. Its for dry skin and ezcema.
  • hey,

    I would try olive oil again or the moisturiser you use for her skin.

  • i put vaseline on brookes head on the morning of bth day leave it all day and wash it at night. works wonders then go through it with a nit comb to pull out all the loose flakes xx
  • I used baby oil rubbed into the hair a couple of hours before washing it, which helped. I've also got a fragrence free sensitive conditioning baby shampoo by boots which seems to be doing the trick, as my lo also had quite a dry scalp x
  • Hi girls thanks very much. I will try a few of these and see how it goes. Fingers crossed they start to work as it is very dry at the top.
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