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Hello, I'm new. Anybody here from Ascot??

Hello All,

I'm a newbie.

I'm a first time mum, living in Ascot with my new husband and our 2mth old daughter, Taylor.

Is anybody on here from Ascot or around that area, I'm looking for a Mother and Baby group I can join, if I have to sit indoors staring at the walls much longer, I'll get cabin fever!!




  • hi i live just outside ascot where abouts in ascot are you cos i no they do a mother and baby group in north ascot in the comunity centre not sure wot day it is only no they have one as i work in the nursery inside the same building! hope this helps go check it out x x
  • Hi,

    I live just across the road from the community centre, in one of the roads off of Fernbank Road.

    I'll go and take a look, I've been meaning to pop into the library anyway, so I'll have a look when I'm there!!

    Thanks so much!!

  • no worries x x
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