Weaning...have started now I'm stuck! Help please.

Am a little muddled and would really appreciate a bit of advice or just what you are doing or have been doing.
Lo is 24 weeks on Thursday and we started weaning him on Christmas Eve. That isn't what I'm worried about as we both felt like he was ready and had been for a while but we'd been away visiting down South and it wasn't the right time.
Anyway, he's had baby rice after his 11am bottle for 4 days (kinda liked it, some got swallowed lots got dribbled out!). Then we moved on to pear puree after his 11 am bottle and he loved it.
So my question is what do I do now?
Do I add another solid feed of rice or puree at his tea time feed-do I bath him first then feed or feed then bath? I don't want to loose the 7pm bottle so how do I fit the solids around that?
Or do I start him on breakfast instead? Does it matter? Am I totally daft first time Mum worrying over nothing!!
Sorry, I've gone on and on just feel like we've started really well and suddenly I'm stuck. Don't really have anyone else to ask and you ladies always have ideas so.....what do you think?
Thank you x


  • Thanks babe have used her recipe book (for puree pear-wasn't as hard as I'd expected!!) so will have a look. Like the idea about an hour after bottle will give that a go too. xxx
  • Every couple of days try a new puree, then after about 2 weeks say introduce another meal if you feel lo is ready, if still taking a good amount of milk then carry on with one meal, dont rush to adding meals. After a coupe of weeks you can mix purees like brocoli and pear etc.

    Try sweet potato always a winner

  • Hi

    Same advice as above really - vary your purees for a couple of weeks and then add a second meal we used to do mid morning and mid afternoon as these were quiet times - just do what suits: you can't really go wrong! If your lo refuses a puree try it again a few days later they sometimes need more than one taste to take to something.

    Good luck x
  • Thanks ladies! Will get me blender out and get going. I normally hate pear but have to say am loving it pureed! Sweet potato sounds good only had it roasted so looking forward to that too-thanks Louise+woowoo!
    Will give the mid afternoon solids a go when we've had a few puree's as bedtime is sort of going ok so I don't really want to mess that up-thank you SMJ44.
  • Oh fuity cereals sound good-I'm never gonna shift this weight if I'm nibbling all Alfie's food! Haven't really looked at stuff in the shops-need to do that. Thanks Lea Pea x
  • hey,

    I started with breakfast but lo wasn't always keen so moved her solids to lunch time and this worked better. After a few weeks I added breakfast and a few weeks after that dinner (around 6pm as she has a bath at 7 then milk feed).

    Louise loves the cow and gate porridge and banana cereal. Also, she likes petit fleurs.

    Have fun!

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