Additional pushchair sun shade - any recommendations???

Hey ladies

Took DD out today in her pushchair (Quinny Buzz) and despite having the sun shade AND the parasol up she was still squinting because of the sun so I'm looking to invest in an additional shade that fits over the top. The only problem is that as bloody usual there are SO many to chose from!!

I think ym current favourite is the protect a bub 3-in-1 canopy 3-in-1 stroller sunshade.html

but this one also looks good

has anyone got any experience of either of these (or any others) and are they any good!?

Thanks girls!



  • ive just bought a shade a babe ive got 2 prams a brio sing and a mothercare urban detourit fits on both great is good quality lots of length on the velcro fastners and keeps lo totally shaded and easier to get lo in and out without removing.

    Its quite expensive ??30ish but well worth it
  • Also got the shade a babe. Really happy with it, it actually keeps sun out of Ben's eyes unlike the rubbish, expensive parasol!
  • I've got the Rayshade and it is FAB FAB FAB. Seriously brilliant. I love that she can still see out or I can pull it all the way over if the sun is low. With the shade a babe it covers them completely and I know someone who's baby hated that and used to spend all their walks trying to kick it out of the way.

  • I've also got the Rayshade and it's BRILLIANT!!!!!! Always get stopped when I'm out to ask where I got it from. I know she's well protected from the sun & harmful rays but I can easily adjust it, pull it low etc. It attaches by Velcro straps to your pushchair frame and folds completely flat so you can carry it in your basket too.
    Excellent, highly recommended xx
  • aww thanks girls it really is appreciated!!

    Re the rayshade - can anyone tell me whether it can be attached to a parent facing pushchair? On all the pics I've seen it's attached to a forward facing one. Just wondering how I'd actually attach it to the seat/hood if the handles/frame aren't behind her. Does that make sense!?

  • Yes Hun it can. I've got the iCandy Apple which is parent facing (well, either but I use it facing me!!) and it works a treat
  • oh fantastic - thanks so much Kelly - think that's the one for me!

    thanks again sweety
  • hey hun,

    Don't know if you have already bought it, but Argos have the Rayshade for ??11.99! half the price in amazon! image

  • girls thanks to op for this post and the others for advice was out today and the sun was a problem, have ordered my rayshade and all (argos out of stock poo image but i got it for 19.99 so not too bad)
  • oh I was wrong argos are out for home delivery they have them in stores and believe it or not i've already been and picked mine up lol they are really fab and it also fits fine on the carseat which is great too for when ds falls asleep in the car as i can just click him onto my buggy frame and he will also have the extra sun protection, thanks again ladybird re teh argos tip I cancelled my online order and all xx
  • oh wow thanks LB! ordered it this morning but have just cancelled and reserved ine at my local argos. Bargain! thanks again hun!!! xxx
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