clothes sizes (also in BID)

it is just me that finds clothes completely huge?
My DS is 9months (today!) 21lbs and 68cm so he isnt small although i think shorter than average but i find clothes are massive!
He is still comfortably in 3-6 months and his babygrows are still very roomy and i have to roll the sleeves up, i ordered him some trousers from m and s in 9-12 months and they are twice the length of his legs??? is it just me who finds clothes sizes very large

ps. except when it comes to my clothes...then i always say...isnt this a small size 12!! LOL!


  • yes my 3 year old has only just gone into 2-3 year old clothes and they have plenty of room in. i think its ridiculous
  • we are the oppersite and at 8 months have had to get some 9-12, LO is about 20lbs but almost 75cm so quite tall and his 6-9 are quite short, i have found M and Co stuff smaller than most and pumpkin patch super huge x
  • we'll we're 8 months too and currently wear some 101 dalmations 'first size' (the one below 'normal' newborn size in the range it's from!) and they're a lovely fit! lol

    mind you ems is only 15lbs something and is a little shorty too like lol
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