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Hi Everyone,

I started Evie on baby rice at the weekend she loves it yippie anyway i am planning on giving her it at 12 o clock and have done this for two days however i will probably be out at twelve tomorrow will it matter if i give her it at two instead or as soon as i get in. I know it probably wont but value your opinions thanks xxxx


  • I'm glad she liked her rice - i replied to the post you made the other day about starting weaning.
    Giving it to her at 2pm will be fine. The only thing I wouldn't do is give it to her too late (say after 5pm?) cos it will take longer to digest. Otherwise she wont know the difference.
  • Awww thanks, yeah she loved it, she got so excitted when i brought the bowl to her today she was opening her mouth before i sat down lol xxxx
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