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you didn't say how old your little one is. my litle girl usually has a nap from 1030-1230 then another in afternoon about 230-330 sometimes if i'm out and about she misses that sleep but will then have a nap 4-6, i do sometimes have hectic days when sleep squedule is completely out. i have found that now i don't get any warning she's tired (rubbing eyes etc) so as a general rule, i try and put her down for a nap after she's been awake for 2 hours. try and have a routine for naps. mine is nappy change (downstairs) play with toys while i make a bottle then upstairs for bottle in her bedroom with lights off and curtains drawn. in cot with dummy and teddy mobile on. she's 9 months now and i find now that i put her down and she just drifts off to sleep, if she doesn't go staright away she chats to teddy but usually within 30 mins she drops off. my health visitor told me that even if they don't drop of to sleep staright away it doesn't hurt them to have a bit of quiet time, it also helps them learn to drop off by themselves. i have to admit there were tears at first but after about a week, that settled. treat naptime as naptime, just like you'd treat bedtime as bedtime. you have to be persistant. robyn now sleeps through stiring once in night, around the time we go to bed, she settles herself, except for odd occasion when she needs a nappy change.
hope it helps you.


  • thanks for reply robynsmummy, little one had a feed this morning at 7.30 went tired around 9.15 so have since been trying him to have his morning nap, however he has been cyrying on & off, going to try & stick with routine, hopefully it will work, thanks again x
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