Shameless plug :D

Just a quicky to let those of you who were interested know, I now have the website for my baby carriers up and running. If you want to have a look the web addy is


  • Hmmm, it works for me! Strange.
  • fab website hun, well done! x
  • Fab site and Idea. Nice prices aswell.

    X X X
  • Ohhhh i really like them..
    I'mdue oct and always wanted a baby carrier as i live in the good ol countryside and a pram aint that practical for me..Really like the back carrier

    They look FAB!!

    xx xx
  • ah brill - off to have a look now! tried to contact you via FB about these but it wouldn't let me! xx
  • hey,

    quick q - r u still doing free delivery for be users or was that just when u were selling them on ebay?

    I'm contemplating between the pink or orange.......

    need to get one quickly as the babybjorn makes my back hurt as Louise is about 22lb now!
  • I have already got one of Kerry's carriers and they are FAB!!!!
  • Bedhead you should add a section where girls who have bought them can leave a review/feed back!! cause all thes girls have loved them be really good for other who are thinking of buying to be able to read! x

    it's really fab buy the way! xx
  • The feedback section is under construction! Unfortunately I've been so busy making them I've not had time to add anything else to the web site :lol:
    Loopy Loo, yep you can still have free delivery. Have orange! Everyone seems to want the camo fabrics and I'm getting bored of them :lol: Not made an orange one yet but the fabric is beautiful and I want to see what it looks like made up!!
  • my husband want the cow print - it's tough as they prob all look great! oh well....must decide and fill out order form!
  • Ohh the cow print looks fab, I made one of those for my best mate. The furry ones are brill, I tend to walk along stroking Barney coz it feels nice!!
  • it's that or the giraffe print......both me and my dh are true librans can never make up our minds!! lol
  • aw wow what a fab idea!! your lil lad looks like he is having a fab time, esp in the 'how to' section on ur speak to OH and see if i can get ??40 out of him to get one!

    well done you, what a fab idea!!
  • Bedhead they are fab! Have you thought about sending a couple of freebies to some mother and baby magazines to get some free publicity?
  • Hiya - are these type of carriers much more supportive on the back (of the mummy!) than a baby bjorn type carrier? My lo is 20ish lb's and i took him out in the baby bjorn this morning, when i got home my shoulders and back were killing me. I'm also finding that it's getting a bit small for him now, trying to fit his arms and legs through the holes is very restrictive for him. Thanks xx
  • I have been led to belive that they are. I've never used a baby bjorn myself so I can't compare them directly but my little lad is about 20lb's now and I can easily carry him for an hour in it, when I take it off I feel a lot lighter but it doesn't hurt when I am wearing it. Your lo will definately have more space in a mei tai (the posh name!) as there are no restrictions to how big you can make it. The body of the carrier acts almost like a hamock for them so even a toddler is quite comfy, or so my toddler says anyway!
    Nearly all of the ones I've sold so far have been for 'older' babies rather than newborns and I think several of them have outgrown baby bjorns, had a lot of positive feedback so I'm guessing they must be comfier.
    Hope that helps
  • How long will they last hun, in terms of wear and tear. Kyra's 8 months now and will be using it daily taking Evie's to nursery, would it last to toddlerhood for her? xox
  • Am going to show Rob the colours when he gets home from work and hopefully we will agree on one then we can get one. Is it easy to tie up with baby in it? this is my one worry!

  • TBH I have absolutely no idea!! I've been using mine since before Christmas, it's been washed a couple of times and it is still perfect but I only use it a couple of times a week on average. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't last, I would guess that you would see some wear and tear on the fabrics but it shouldn't effect the way it works.
  • lol, that reply was to yummy mummy, I do of course know how easy they are to tie!! Once you've got the knack it is really, really easy, just pull the straps tight and tie two big knots. The only carry that is a bit harder is the back carry and that's only because you can't see what you are doing.
    I've got a couple of other fabrics that aren't on the website yet. A really nice camo print, same pattern as the pink but green and turquoise and a black background with retro style pink/purple flowers on.
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