Clicky hip

My health visitor has told me to make app with my gp as she has noticed Charlotte has uneven creases in her thighs & suspects clicky hip.

I'm gutted my poor docs apps left for today so going tomorrow.has anyone else experienced this? X


  • hello

    we got refered for a scan at 6 weeks as i was born with a hip defect and had to have splints as a baby (all well now though and i was a very quick walker after they came off), luckily all was well, he will prob send you for an ultrasound of her hips

    hope all is well x
  • Hey Hun,thanks for the info.i remember u from dec 09 board.

    Charlotte was fine at birth & at her 8 week check,just feel gutted. My friend is a nurse & poppedfor cuppa today,she said she can tell theres a problem the way lottie poor baby.

  • hopefully they can get it sorted quickly x
  • hi still waiting
    my dd was born with 'clicky hips' and wore a harness to correct it for first 7 months of her life, it was detected early so was corrected early. it is so often missed at birth though due to various let downs along the way.
    how old is your lo?
    there is a brilliant website called steps - google it and ask to join there is so much info on there and its like this in that there is a forum for people to post on asking for advice etc... the bit you may or may not need i would imagine is ddh section - developmental dysplasia of the hip - will give you lots of info

    but ...
    it may be just that lo has odd leg creases etc and nothing wrong at all - make sure however if there is any shadow of a doubt that you are referred for a scan or prob xray if lo is older than 6 months i think... often gps dont know how to check

    keep me posted and i think my priovate email button is activated, if not post and i'll reactivate it for you if you like


    jane n grace
  • Hi jane

    Thank u so much for that info.Charlotte is 7 & half months old.

    So it is possible that she has uneven creases on her thighs but it bit come to anything? One of the docs at our surgery is pretty thorough & will refer if any doubt so hoping to see him.

    When I was bathing lottie earlier I didn't notice the creases in her thighs,so checked again whilst drying her & they seemed even yet earlier when I changed her nappy they were def uneven cos I showed my friend too. Very strange xx
  • Hi, I've just been through this. The HV noticed he had uneven leg creases at his 8 month check so i went to the GP to have them checked out (not before working myself up in to a state!). The GP looked him over and found absolutely no problem at all. The only way to definitely rule DDH at his age though is for an x-ray and the GP said that if it was his child he wouldn't put him through it only on the basis of uneven leg creases. He phoned a colleague at the hospital for a second opinion and he confirmed that if the only sign of DDH was uneven leg creases and there were no other symptoms, then there was no problem.

    Hope that helps to reassure you - make that GP appointment ASAP x
  • Aw thanks peeptoe (remember u from dec 09 board). My health visitor came to check Charlotte following her recent stay in ICU due to us falling downstairs (tripped over the god damned cat),has a fractured skull etc,but is making a good recovery & is due her 8 month check beg of sept. I just keep thinking this is all my poor baby needs after she's been through recently.

    I'm so grateful to all u ladies for ur replies,u've really helped to put my mind at rest.I'm hoping to get an app at docs tomorrow if they can fit us in,they were too busy today.

    Will keep u all updated.


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  • Oh my God, your baby fractured her skull? God how awful for her and a terrible shock for you. I'm glad to hear she's making a good recovery though.

    I hope the GP can reassure you and Charlotte is ok - she really has had her fair share of medical dramas I think!
  • It was absolutely terrifying,they didn't deal with neurosurgery for paediatrics where we live so we were rushed to ICU in Leeds,in case she required surgery for the bleed on her brain. Luckily she didn't require surgery & they then transferred her bk to our local hosp once she was stable,unfortunately about an hour after get bk to our local hosp she had a seizure,was awful.they repeated CT scan to check bleed but let us go home a few days later having given us resus training shud she have anymore seizures.touch wood we haven't had to use it yet (this all happened 3 weeks ago)

    Please let this b a warning to those of u with cats,they really do get under ur feet at the most inappropriate of times.

    With regard to her clicky hip I will come bk & post once i'v got a docs app.

    Thank u all again. X
  • my dear god that must of be horrifying!! image poor mummy and baby!!!! image

    with regards to the clicky hip. my dd (now 10months) was diagnosed with Developmental Dysplacia of the Hip, also known as clicky hip. she had her first check up at 6 weeks and like soon? she was in it until she was 7months old. i dont want to scare you but i think i need to be honest, when i went for the first check up i was telling myself everything was fine. then they told us she needed a hip harness (called a Pavlik harness) and it felt like i had hit a brick wall, i was devestated, but really, its not as bad once you get used to it.. anyway, im hoping you wont have to go through it all chick!

    is charlotte crawling or anything? sitting up?

    let us know how you get on!!
  • Hi, my LO has had uneven leg creases since birth, and it has been pointed out and checked many times, but it isn't DDH, so it seems he just has uneven leg creases! He bears weight very well on his legs, so i'm not worried. we have had him checked by a physio (for something else) and she said he was absolutely fine. so i know it's something to watch out for, but not necessarily a problem.
  • Lucyah -. Thank u for ur reply it's good to know other peoples experiences.

    Charlotte has been sitting up unaided since she was 5months old and always on the move,from a very early age has wanted to be on her feet.she's recently (over the last week) begun to crawl,well I say crawl,it's not properly crawling yet but she's almost there.
  • Kmw1809 - my health visitor has seen Charlotte on her feet & said she seems to be bearing weight ok on both legs,she measured her legs & they both appear to be the same length too.

    We went to the doc yday & he had a look at her & fiddled with her legs & hips,he didn't seem to be able to feel anything untowards so is refering Charlotte for an ultrasound to check.

    Hope the app comes through soon xx
  • if she is crawling/sitting up etc then i think i can safely say she is fine image

    sometimes the ball just isnt sitting in the socket properly, which would make sitting, and defo crawling difficult for her. try not to worry darlin image

    the ultrasound is just the same as when we had ultrasounds on our bellys. just a little handheld thing, nothing to be worried about image

    let us know how you get on!
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