how do you stop a nap?

Yesterday Charlie fell asleep at 5pm, i thought it was gunna be a cat nap but 2 hours later he was still fast asleep so i tried to wake him by changing his nappy and giving him his feed, he woke for this but went back to sleep he was still fast asleep at 11.30 so i gave him a dream feed hoping it would take him through the night but at 2.30am he woke and wanted to play, he was wide awake untill 5 then drifted off but woke at 6am for his next feed - im shattered!!! how do i stop him from falling asleep around the 4pm/5pm time? before this he was falling asleep around 8pm which worked well for us. help!!


  • I let Barney (6 months) have a nap at 4 if he is tired, but I limit it ti about 30mins. Any longer and as you've found, they drop into a deeper sleep and are very hard to wake.
  • My lo always has a nap around 5pm but just for about half an hour so he's ready for bed between 7 and 8 - where does your lo nap? I never put my lo in his cot for this nap so that he doesnt go too deep, he just dozes in his bouncy chair in the lounge. I keep the Tv on and after about half an hour i start making noise and moving about to wake him up naturally. This way he's not a grumpy git for his bath and his daddy when he comes home, but he's not overtired when he goes to bed at night. I don't think you want to stop this nap alltogether, just shorten it x
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