What did your baby have for breakfast today?

Toast, cooked breakfast, fruit, yogurt, family cereal or baby cereal - what's your baby's favourite breakfast? Tell us here and help kickstart our Salt Watch campaign in association with Cow & Gate.
To start things off, my toddlers' was always soft-boiled eggs and soldiers! Thanks for your help, Web Ed Alison


  • weetabix wuth banana and raisins + 1 slice of toast
  • well Ollie (33months ish) chose his own so had crunchy nut cornflakes and then 2 slices of toast, if I make it he has usually 2 or 3 wheetabix followed by toast and fruit.
    MJ (11months) had blueberry Cow and Gate cereal (a large bowlful), followed by 6 blueberry wheats and half a slice of toast. image

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  • Cow and Gate Fruity Porridge (LO is 6 months) and he loved it! image
  • Plum baby porridge with mashed bananas and natural yougurt, she loves it!
  • Amelia has just turned 2 and she had

    Weetabix with warm milk, wholemeal toast with some slices of banana and strawberry.
  • 2 rounds of toast with dairylea followed by a bowl of dried apricots and raisins and a cup of fresh OJ
  • Cailey (6 months) has not had hers yet, as she has been up all night and is having a lie in!
    She will have Cow and Gate fruity porridge, followed by some fresh banana and a couple of toast soldiers.
  • Aptamil porridge with banana image
    She's almost 20 weeks
  • Plum baby porridge with apricots. She ate it all up (as always). She's 19 months x
  • Weetabix. First time at trying it today he normally has fruity porridge, but we decided to give him something different. He loved it and cried for more!!

    E & O (5months) x
  • Cow & gate muselli (sp) which she loves and a slice of toast
  • Peter had ReadyBrek (3 heaped dessert spoons worth) with an Organix Pear and Strawberry pur????e mixed in, followed by a large piece of a homemade soda bun. This is one of his favourites. Others are a Weetabix with half a banana or a muffin with cream cheese or peanut butter and a piece of fruit.

    Yesterday was his first birthday so Dad made pancakes as a treat and he had a pear as well.
  • Lorelei had 1 slice of multigrain toast with peanut butter and some blueberries washed down with 3oz of milk. She's 14 months image
  • my son had a slice of toast, and a pot of mixed fruit, he's 9 months old.
  • hollie (nearly 11 months) had 2 heaped spoons of readybrek with some fruit puree and her usual bottle of milk
    soetimes she has cheerios and a yoghurt
  • Tilly (almost 6 months) had mashed banana and peach but she usually has C&G fruity porridge which is her favourite

  • Readybrek (made up with 3 dry heaped tablespoons and whole cows milk) plus half a scraped pear. 1 piece of wholemeal toast with butter .
  • Sam had Plum porridge with mashed up banana x
  • Luke usully has a banana if I have got ripe ones and he loves it, if not then either baby cereal not that keen or all different types of baby porridge.

  • Matthew had Hipp Banana and Apple porridge - a firm favourite of his x
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