Weaning - and green poo!


We have been weaning Adam for about a month now and he is on three meals a day - various combinations of veg, fruit and baby rice.

He is now pooing loads more than before (understandable!) but his poos are more often than not bright green!

Is this normal, or is it a sign something is not agreeing with him? They are usually the right consistency...but stink to high heaven! image

Cath x


  • Will be watching this with interest as DD is exactly the same! Xx
  • I've heard that green poop is a sign of over-eating?? Not sure if this is right but i remember I woman from my baby group saying she had that problem with her daughter and her HV told her to cut her meals down & offer more water.
    HTH xx
  • Eek, I hope I'm not overfeeding!

    I just read somewhere that blueberries cause green poo, which might explain today's vivid colour...he yummied down a pouch of blueberry, banana and vanilla yesterday!

    Ah, the joys of poo-watching! :\)
  • hmmm think there is zero chance of it being over-feeding in our house. Madam WILL NOT be fed off a spoon so we are BLW whcih means she had a great old time but eats hardly anything! :roll:
  • Yep, I do need to watch Adam's fluid intake. He still has four bottles of milk every day but I'm struggling to get him to take juice or water.


  • Has he had any banana? That can make poo green? If he's OK in himself (i.e not grumpy with an upset tummy) then it's probably nothing to worry about, and you don't need to change anything.

    Abby's poo has been every colour under the sun during weaning - I am sure it's just their systems getting used to all the changes! image

  • Hi

    Yes, he has banana quite a bit! I didn't realise that led to green poo too - I'm becoming poo obsessed! He seems totally happy in himself so I am trying not to worry!

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