When does baby become a toddler?

As title says when does baby officialy become a toddler?
Is it when they start to cruise, walk or when they turn one?
Just wondering how long I have left with a 'baby' lol


  • I have been wondering the same, my dd is 10 months and starting to stand unaided and I was wondering is she no longer a baby when she is 1?
  • I didn't start calling my dd a toddler until she was walking and talking.... cant really pin point it though. She walked for her 1st birthday but talking obviosuly came later, shes 23 months now and definitely not a baby any more shes a little lady!! image although she always will be a baby to me xx
  • Peter hasn't really been a baby for several months but I have only really seen him as a toddler the past couple of weeks, when he started walking confidently. As with everything, I think it depends on the child (and probably the parent image).
  • oh i dont know this is hard, i guess it depends on lo's development? Leo my second born is 16months and has only recently started walking and in some ways i do still class him as a baby xx
  • my 23.5 month old is still a newborn...what is this toddler thing you speak of? :lol:
  • lol mrsjbourne x
  • my 23.5 month old is still a newborn...what is this toddler thing you speak of? :lol:

  • I was just wondering this as I just filled out a Bounty survey and it asked for your youngest childs age and said baby 0-3 months, baby 3 - 6 months, baby 7 - 9 months, TODDLER 10 - 12 months!!

    Personally I wouldn't say a 10 month old is a toddler...but perhaps I'm wrong! I don't know what the 'official' age is.

    I'd be interested to see what the HV says.

    Love NN xx
  • it's actually in the red book. it has a list of ages, then next to them baby. after a while it starts to say child. but i cant find it now.
  • I have been looking through the red book but I cant find it, I see a list of ages but it doesnt say next to it, I would take it from about 1 or sort of toddling around :lol:
  • i read the redbook front to back like a saddo yesterday correcting dds name (missing accent, i mean how hard is it!) and ensuring it was ticked where it said ebf!!! its in there somewhere...
  • According to the recent HiPP mailshot I was sent, I have a toddler now!!! Jak's 9.5 months. I don't class him as a toddler, he can't toddle yet! I think that stage when they're walking and talking in their own little way makes them a toddler. x x x
  • I class a toddler as when they start toddling-doing that funny little walk that they do before they become confident! And then I think of them as a toddler until around the age of 2/3. Ithink it's more a development stage rather than an exact age though xx
  • I actually wouldn't say until they are 16-18 months. Gabe didnt walk till he was 15 months though.
    He is 27 months now and seems more like a child to me now, not even a toddler xx
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