I have always given my kids weetabix or ready brek for breakfast when they are being weaned and when they are small. I cant remember tho from the last time what age i can give them from. Lo is 6 and half months and we have been weaning for nearly 2 weeks. Im not sure if i waited till they were bigger or not.

Any ideas??


  • I've been giving Emily Ready Brek for the past couple of days and she has handled it really well. I think weetabix would be too textured for her just now. I just added some apple puree to it and she ate it all image

  • we have had weetabix sinve 6 months x
  • Yes same here, my LO has had it since 6 months. Have you seen they have chocolate weetabix now yummy, maybe not for baby but for mummy!
  • When you give the weetabix and ready break at this age do you use cows milk? I can't remember from dd either, and I think I gave her ready break from about 6months too?!
  • Igave weetabix from a bout 8 months but only because I sucked into buying baby cereals for the first little while. Dont know of any issue with giving them earlier. Maybe give HV a buzz? x
  • RickiD - you can use cows milk in cooking and baby cereal from 6 months, drinking is from 1 year image x
  • I used to just use formula for breakfast. I just made up a few oz to mix in

    LB have you got her on 3 meals now?
  • Thanks ladybird, I think I knew that, it was hidden in my brain somewhere lol
  • Yes! I can't believe it, she has progressed so quickly and generally eats quite a reasonable amount when i give her it. She has ready brek with fruit puree (maybe only a few spoonfuls - depends what time she wakes up) and two 2 course meals for lunch and dinner. She is really loving the food but is still not really sleeping much better image hopefully when she gets more calorific meals she will settle. She is still on purees, i will try her on mash next week i think.

    How is Arran doing? x
  • yes ok, im having a dilema what to feed and when. i cant remember what i did for the other 2 and i just know that our day is not working too well at the moment.

    2 nights ago he had his tea and fell asleep before his milk, so then had a bf at 10pm but was up at 5am so then wasnt ready for milk at 7am!!! Last night he cryed all thro his tea and wanted stacks of milk!

    Dont think i can drop a bf but maybe need to re organise the time. I havent started breakfast yet with busy few mornings but think i will tomorrow give bf then brekki. I usually give him lunch around 11.30 then a bf then put him down, but this has been dragging on and its been late when he goes down then 3pm when he gets another bf then he is not ready for tea at 4.30-5pm and so on and so on.

    Now ive written it all down i can see i need to change around, what do you think

    7am bf
    7.30am fruit/cereal
    10.30am bf
    12pm lunch/sleep
    2pm bf
    4.30 tea
    5.30-6pm bf/bed
    10pm feed in needed


    Gemm x

  • I know what you mean, depending on how well (or not) Emily has slept at night, depends on how well our day goes! She slept until 9.30am this morning because she was up twice and her last feed was at 5.30am. I was told to give her a milk feed but cut it short and then offer food, then the breast again. I tried this but Emily got very upset at me cutting her feed short and i felt she never got enough milk during the day. She also got upset and didn't take too much food. So i have altered it all slightly so i offer her a meal about 30-60 mins after a milk feed. Tbh i am just going with the flow at the moment and at 7 months i will offer food before milk and have more set times for food. At this point i am hoping she drops a milk feed.

    I think your new plan sounds good, I might try something similar soon. But as i said before we really need Emily to sort out her night time feeds so she wakes at 7/8am instead of 9/10! Although i am enjoying the much needed lie in! image

  • Yes did at 6 months, I left it to get super soggy in the milk and then he managed the texture really well, mashed with banana.
  • I gave weetabix with cow's milk from 6 months. I just give it 30 secs in the microwave x
  • i'm going to give reece weetabix in 2 weeks when he is 6 months, im same as you my ds1 is 6 and has either readybrek or weetabix every morning with fruit, we did have a period there a few weeks back where he refused and wantred huney loops but thankfully we are back to the weetabix again - i love them having a big filling breakfast xx
  • lol mummymog i have often thought that weetabix would be uselful tool if your stranded on the likes of a dessert island, not only can you eat it but its like super glue, if it didn't rain you could probably construct a hut with it!!!! lmao
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