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When did you first put your younger LO in the doubles seat (as opposed to underneath lying flat)? Maddie is now 10 weeks and starting to object to being put underneath unless she's ready for a nap as she wants to look around. The website says around 3 months. What are your experiences?


  • My friend was giving me a demo on hers at the weekend and she found this with her second son - in fact she made a big point of telling me about it! She said she did put him in the doubles seat but then shortly after was given a side by side pushchair and she started to use that as then both her boys could see each other. She has an 18 month age gap. She used the phil and teds still but only when Alex wanted to snooze or she knew he would nod off once they got out and about. Hope this helps.
  • Hello!
    I moved Ethan in to the double seat at about 10 weeks, he was far too interested in what was going on so there was no way he'd stay under Rhys happily! I loved it up until a couple of months ago, but now Ethan is nearly 1 and Rhys is 2 they love being together so much that I've done something I never thought I'd do and got a side by side, they love to be next to each other!
    I still have the P&T though as it's easier to get on the bus with so use it for the odd trip here and there.
    Carly xxx
  • Isabelle was about 18 weeks, but only as we had such a bad winter, that I wanted her snuggled in!

    But then she didn't mind being all snuggled down, I did attach a baby arch or hang toys from the back of the doubles kit for her to play with and keep her amused.
    Ali x
  • I know this is a bit too late but congrats on Maddie, i didnt you had another lo or were expecting, ive not been on here in aggges! (you might not recognise my user name but i used to be *hannah & Tegab* then i was *hannah,tegan&Bump*) lol

    anyhoo...we have a phil and tegs and i put Leo in the second seat from about 10-12 weeks, as long as she looks comfy then she will be fine image i think i had to use a blanket at first just to stop his head from sitting funny.

    sorry im not much help image xxx
  • Thanks girls, that is a help! Hannah I remember you :\) Thank you for the congrats and the same to you, I didn't know you'd had another either. Maddie was my happy surprise - Lily is now 18 months so there's just under 16 months between them.

    I tried Maddie in the doubles seat as you all said you'd tried at approx the same age and to my surprise she does look ok in it. Her neck's not overly strong though so am going to use one of those bouncer head support things in it for a while.

    A side-by-side's not really an option for me as the pavements and shop aisles are so narrow where I live.
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