fitness dvds?

can anyone recommend a good fitness dvd.....i did race for life (13 weeks after having my little girl) yesterday and managed to run it in 35 minutes....not bad i now its spurred me to get fit again. Ive lost all my baby weight (2stone 10lbs) and im now just tryignt o tone up again...

....does anyone have that charlie (from eastenders) or the girl from corri dvd? r they any good??

thanks ladies xx


  • The one from corrie is crap and i found natalie cassidys one (sonia from eatenders) that was very boring and competitive. Ive always used dance ones cause they are more fun. Im selling Jordans fitness DVD on ebay if your interested x
  • I quite like the New York City Ballet workouts 1 & 2, its hard and you do feel like an arse (my husband hides round the corner and laughs at me when I do it) but its pretty effective and although I didn't think much of it at first I think it does work and its also made me more flexible which can only be a good thing. That said I haven't used it for ages - I might be bendy but I'm still lazy!
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