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Sorry, yet another weaning question. I've just been looking at fromage frais at the supermarket as we are getting ready to introduce Peter to something other than fruit and veg tomorrow. I'm not convinced by most of the branded pots as they seem to have masses of sugar. The hv suggested I use plain fromage frais mixed with homemade fruit pur????e which sounds reasonable to me but the only plain I could find was low fat. Can I use this or should I try to find full fat plain fromage frais? And if so, does anyone know where I can buy some? We have Morrison's and M&S within walking distance, a very small Sainsbury's a bit further away and anything else I have to ask my husband to pick up in town on his way back from work. Or I'll order some on line, if anyone can point me in the right direction.



  • Hi,
    I could never find anything but low fat fromage frais either - I think after searching on the net I came to the conclusion fromage frais might in itself be low fat .
    I used Total Greek Yoghurt (full fat not the 0% one) and added fruit purees.
    It's nice and thick so doesnt drip off the spoon when they start feeding themselves - well - not too much!!!
  • Cheers, ladies. The Greek yoghurt idea is good. And I will definitely look for the Plum range, at least as treats if not something for everyday.

    2Aries, what organic ranges do you use? The Little Stars seem to have the least sugar but I don't mind spending a bit extra on his food if necessary, at least on occasion.
  • Plum Organic range has no crap in whatsoever, but is expensive at ??2 for 6. We also do the Greek yoghurt thing now (after spending a small fortune on the Plum :roll: ) and that goes down well. I also give her Little Stars or Tesco own fromage frais, as although the sugar content isn't great it is, after all, only sugar, and the rest of her diet is good.
  • Yeo Organic & Rachel's Organic "My 1st Yogurt" do no added sugar yogurt - basically fruit puree mixed with plain yogurt. Not exactly fromage frais but they are very yummy. I get them from Tesco.
  • jessica loves the little stars
  • Well, it looks as if a trip to Booth's is in order then (the only place near hear which sells Plum Organic), so that's a ??3 train ticket on top! image And I'll also send my husband off to the big Sainsbury's in town on Wednesday to pick up some of the Yeo Valley ones. Morrisons apparently only stocks the large size for some reason. :\? Otherwise, it looks as if it will be Greek yoghurt and fruit all the way. :\)

    Have just looked on the Rachel's website and they contain as much sugar as standard fromage frais so think I will be giving those a miss. Thanks so much for all the recommendations. Really helpful as I am finding this whole weaning thing a bit overwhelming at the moment.
  • Just to add about the yoghurt, I've forgotten how old Peter is but if he's under 6 months then the bacteria in yoghurt will be too much for his system, which is why they recommend ideally no dairy before 6 months but definitely nothing but fromage frais if you don't hold out.

    I know use the yeo organic full fat plain yoghurt with Oscar and mix in fruit puree or sometimes muesli for his breakfast x
  • Thanks, Jem. He's six months tomorrow (well, 26 weeks, six months proper on Tuesday) and only had fruit, veg and breast milk so far. Good to know that I can give him yoghurt now though. The hv is very nice but a bit vague when it comes to weaning, not helped by the fact that I was bombarding her with questions!
  • I forgot about rachels organic - I wouldnt be worried about the sugar in that as it seems to come from the fruit puree and fruit concentrate they add to it rather than from refined sugar being added. Even with home made or the likes of Organix 100% fruit purees there is still has quite a high sugar content from the natural fruit sugars.
    I try to look for things without "sugar" on the ingredients list.
    Hope this helps a bit
  • Gabe gets sainsburys basics fromage frais 45p for 6. Natural Fruit sugar can be as bad for their teeth as Silver Spoon, and I really refuse to buy the Rachels organic or Plum baby as the prices are ridiculous and I don't believe they will make that much of a difference to lo's health. You just can't win whatever you do :lol: Fruit purees are a good alternative to yogurts :\) Gabe used to love banana and pear puree.
  • We use little stars, fromage frais & just asdas own brand ones ever since Samuel was weaned, he's now 2 and still loves them.

    I dont think your little one eating little stars or some fancy organic expensive yogs will make any difference hun, try not to worry - I know how confusing weaning can be. Buying your own fromage frais and adding your own fruit puree sounds a good idea too xx
  • caitlin loves little stars so do i lol, i wont buy plums either too expensive lol
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