Swimming tips please

I'm planning on taking my 14 week old swimming tomorrow and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips that they wish they'd known prior to their first trip.

Thanks xx


  • What I didn't think about was how I wouldn't have any chance to do anything for me, if that makes sense - i put my costume on under my clothes for when I go, and I don't have a shower or anything there, just wait till I get chance at home. Also, LO is usually hungry straight away so have the means to feed them ready.

    30 mins is usually long enough, it can be hard work for them.

    Have fun, my LO loves it.
  • pack your bag so that what yopu need AFTER swimming is on top. and always take 2 towels for baby. one to take to pool side and wrap him/her in straight after swimming and one to dry with once back to changing rooms.
    always get baby dressed after swimming first and personally i didnt stay in water more than 10-15 mins first few times as they gey cold so quickly.
    other than that enjoy it xx
  • zac is only in for 115-29 mins, we take an extra towel incase we need to change him on the floor (we fold it several times to make it padded and fluffy!) as someone else at the baby and toddler swim gets the only change room with a baby change unit (and they usually have a toddler and not a 13 week old baby grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • if you have long hair tie it up so you can keep it dry and not have to wash it as thats imposible with baby and if you have someone to go with an extra pair of hands is good otherwise just what the others have said.
  • I would agree with what other have said, I also found it better to take my little buggy with me, or the car seat so you have somewhere safe to put LO once they are ready while you get dressed again!

    have fun xxx
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