pampers users please!

Ok, here goes, you would think that with them being pampers that they would be the same but have anyone else found the baby dry nappys crap [sorry for the pun] and the active fit nappies are great? I used the baby dry nappies as we were away and ran out and it was all the shop had, they filled so quick with pee and they smelled really bad, Ellie looked like she had a melon between her legs after 5 minutes whereas the active fit hold for ages and keep her totally dry with no smell.
Am i being weird or are they the same but im being stupid?


  • No, i think you've just solved a mystery for me....when harry was little we bought pampers and i thought there was something wrong with him as the smell was really weird! Then we changed to huggies for little while and i didnt realise at the time but the smell went, but Harry came up in rash over tummy with them so once we ran out we went back to pampers (baby dry) and it was only the other day i said to oh that maybe he's got urine infection as strong smell was it all makes sense! i will give active fit a go now thanks!
  • I totally agree with you, I found exactly the same thing happened with my lo, they charge enough for the nappies, you would have thought they would at least do a good enough job!!
  • hmmm i think after reading your post i will try the active fit as i've also found with baby dry that although it keeps it all in the packet gets used up way too quickly and yes my baby smells of pee! will let you know when we've done the test lol!
  • OMG! I found the exact same thing.
    I love love love the active fit! Hubby bought a pack of huggies naturals by accident the other day and i'm despeartly trying to use them up so we can go back to active fit!
    Before Ruby was born I just thought nappies were nappies! But oh no... they vary so much! xx
  • I can so feel the quality difference too. Baby dry feel flimsy whilst the active fit just feel so much more durable and better quality! I wander why?
  • Thank goodness, i thought i gone potty! LOL
    The baby dry are really bad and are totally differant to the active fit. I am glad you all found the same and im not being a nappy wierdo! LOL
  • ohhhh well that makes sense, for a while now i got the baby dry ones as then didn't have to change in night... but he stinks of wee....... my hubby says it smells like old man! and they sag underneath looks very uncomfy, so gonna finish this pack and get active fit! xx
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