super nanny

Scares the hell out of me! Not the woman but the programme itself. Hubbie made me turn it off last night. The boy in it would only eat bread and butter and the little girl still had bottles and a dummy, she was 3 and was pulling her hair out as a comfort.

My lo is 11 months, still has a breastfeed during the night and can be a little fussy with his food at times. I was saying to oh-that's going to be me, im going to end up on supernanny! Her advice for the little girl's mum was to chop the teats off the dummies! Made me wince, not sure that's really an option for stopping the night feed! :lol: xx


  • LOL pixiebob!

    I worry about Daisy still having her dummy and her diet, which is not great - she won't eat anything she doesn't want to already! It'll be be on that programme, not you, I'm sure!

  • It just freaks me out how these problems escalate, before you know it, you're breastfeeding a 10 year old who will only eat spagetti hoops!x
  • Ooh, p.bob! That did make me wince! :lol:

    Seriously though, I wouldn't worry. Apparently the not eating anything not already tried is perfectly natural at this age and is a survival instinct to ensure that babies don't poison themselves as they become more mobile and move away from mummy more and more.

    As for breastfeeding a ten-year-old, talk to me again when my son is commando crawling across the school playground! image
  • Some of the parents on there I feel sorry for and others I think they could have solved their kids problems ages ago and it would have been a lot easier. Like a 3 year old who had never gone to sleep alone, that could've been sorted in 2 nights if the mum had done controlled crying or gentler sleep training at 6-12 months old. My lo is 22 months almost and he still has a dummy but not all the time, and I'll be getting rid of it for good next Christmas - tbh he would've given it up himself before now but I kind of wanted him to stay a baby so I never tried taking it off him like I did with bottles. Oh and I wouldn't worry about breast feeding a 10 year old, did you know most children wean themselves off the breast on their own anyway and it's impossible for them to feed after about 7 years old - fun fact of the day lol! xx
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