How much weight gain is too much?!

Hello girls!

Hoping you could offer some advice from personal experience!

Finlay was born at 30 weeks gestation, in a rather dramatic way weighing a fairly small 3lb 4oz.

At 40 weeks, he weighed in at a fairly healthy 6lb 8oz

Now he is the equivalent of 5 weeks, and looks to be a whopping 10lbs 6oz!

Can anyone advise me as to whether this rapid weight gain is normal?! He was on breast milk until term which could explain the slower growth rate, but is now on premie baby formula. He takes 6 4oz bottles a day, and is healthy, awake and alert, and sleeps well (although not for long enough for mummys liking!)

Is a 4lb gain in 5 weeks too much?

We live in the middle east and i keep being told he is very large, but he is on the 75th centile for length and he doesnt have rolls of fat on his legs or wrists etc, so i think he looks pretty normal.

Any advice girls? I think hes fine but i want to be sure hes not going to gain very very fast as i dont imagine its good for him.



  • Sounds fine to me hun. DD1 gained weight really quickly starting off on the 50th centile at birth and hitting the 98th line at 5 months. SHe has followed this line for weight and height ever since and she is now 2 1/2 years old.

    The HV tried to scare me saying she was too big while I was weaning her but she ate no more than babies a lot smaller than her.

    She eats well and is happy and healthy so I dont worry at all. Only down side is people think she is a lot older than she is. Have had to explain a few times that her speech isnt very good for a 4 year old because she is 2!

  • I don't know about formula, as my son was breastfed, but he did have a couple of weeks early on where he gained a pound a week, much to my shock. Very small babies can't overfeed, they will sick back up anything they don't need. And as soon as he starts moving around his weight will level off, I'm sure.

    If he is healthy, alert and happy, I wouldn't worry. It sounds to me as if he is thriving.
  • sounds like he's doing ok, especially for a premie.

    my LO (born atr 42 weeks gest) put on on average a 1lb a week till 20 or so weeks. always been on the 99th centile.

    so i'd say 4lb in 5 weeks is fine

  • Thanks so much girls, thats just what i needed to hear. The doc is keen to take him off the prem milk if he gets "too fat too fast" so i now feel much better knowing whats normal!

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