Needing another bottle so soon? Also in BIJ

Hi girls,
Quite a few times over the past week and a half my little one who is now 4 1/2 weeks has 5 oz around 5.30-6 pm and has a little doze then wakes up crying about 30 mins later displaying hunger signs. Tonight he fed at 5.30, woke at 6.15 and I managed to hold him off (plus had to make feed) until 7. Drank the whole 5oz over 45 mins and was asleep by 8. He's finished all his feeds today (4-5oz every 4 hrs!)
Last nite he fed at 6 and I got a bottle ready for 7.30 just in case and he only took 1oz so no idea what is going on!
Anyone else had a similar problem? I've no idea how his little tummy takes it!
Niene x


  • hello

    have you tried upping his normal bottle, it may be he just needs that little bit extra, when LO use to drain his bottle we use to make the next with an extra oz

    he may be going through a growth spurt as there are quite a few in the first months x
  • As long as he's happy and steadily gaining weight I wouldn't worry - my lo has always been a bit eratic with her feeds as it depends on her mood and how much she sleeps each day etc - there's a bit more routine to it now she's 14 weeks but even still the amount she takes varies from 30-38oz a day (more than the general Aptimil guide for her age! lol).

    Probably cluster feeding in the evening (again something my lo did alot!) and a combination of a growth spurt - all sounds quite normal to me image xx
  • Thanks for the replies! Think I'll offer him an extra oz tonight but sometimes he doesn't even finish the 5, then wants bottle an hr later and finished full 5oz!
    I'll see how we go tonight, hopefully just a growth spurt and we'll settle into more of a regular feeding routine soon! X
  • maybe he's having a growth spurt my LO was feeding almost every hour when he had his growth spurt and it only lasted a few days then he was back to his normal feeding pattern.

    Amy and Harry 9+5. xx
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