Milk intake - 12 months +

For those with older LO's, I just wondered when they have/had milk?

The girls are 11 months on Wednesday and are on 2 bottles a day (one at 7am and one at 6.30pm before bef). They still really like their drink in the mornings (they have 6oz when they wake) but Grace has pretty much refused her bedtime bottle for the last 3 nights.

She's never been that bothered about a drink before bed and often will only take 4oz with coaxing but, at the moment, it's a struggle to get 2oz into her.

She is teething with her top incisors but teething has never caused her to take quite so little milk before.

I've been getting her up and dreamfeeding her a couple more ozs but a) she sometimes still refuses it and b) she's getting too heavy to try and lift in and out as a sleeping "dead weight"!

The thing is, without the bedtime bottle, she'll only be drinking 8oz of milk a day. although she eats really well and has dairy at every meal.

Should I continue to try and dreamfeed her a few more ozs or just let her go to bed on the 1 or 2 oz she's been taking?

Any advice would be really welcome


PS: She doesn't wake up thirsty in the night or wake early because of it


  • I don't hav any advice but will b interested in the responses, luke is pretty much t same. Bottle in the mornin n some days he will hav a bedtime bottle some days he won't. He's 10months. HV told me last week he shud b drinking 20oz!!! No way will he drink that amount, mind u he never drank what he shud when he was on formula only!!
  • Michael (11 months) is drinking anywhere from 3 to 6 oz in the morning, than has 3 oz on his breakfast. (although lately that has been cows milk) Than he has a bottle at about 2.30, but he might be ready to drop this. (he is drinking anywhere between 4 and 7oz, although lately he is drinking more towards the 4) Than he is drinking about 4 or 5 oz at bedtime. (sometimes less, sometimes more)

    He is still having three bottles and only want to take the bottle away from him at 2.30 when he is drinking 2 oz or less at the time. In total he is drinking about 12 oz, sometimes more sometimes less.
  • Thanks ladies.

    mrscox - glad I'm not the only one image

    Stephi77 - do we have the same HV - haha!! You ladies are far better than any HV I've come into contact with image The girls have a snack at 3pm and I offer milk in a beaker with this but they'll only use it as a "drink" rather than a milk feed so will have an oz max

    I always put the remainder of their morning bottle on their cereal + top it up with cow's milk so I guess they're probably having 9oz in the morning + a yoghurt at lunch and any cheese/extra dairy at other meals.
    I guess part of my worry is not so much for the dairy but for the amount of fluid she's taking. She's not having any problems pooing but I feel like she needs the liquid. I suppose if she wanted it she'd take it though???
    I'm not a big drinker so maybe she just takes after me image
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