Was just saying in another thread that dd2 was an accident and it's got me thinking. She was definitely an accident in the sense that we were in no way ttc (I was still bf dd1 and didn't have my cycles back properly, we were using contraception 90% of the time and we only had sex about twice that month anyway) BUT we did have unprotected sex knowing perfectly well that's how babies are made - so in another sense that's not an accident.

As I see it, there are three types of accidents: married/relationship accidents (you're not ttc but are realistically in a financial & emotional position to support a baby), careless accidents (you're not in the right relationship but miss a pill here and there and think "it won't happen to me") and genuine "OH S*%T!!" accidents where contraception fails.

How do you define "accident" (when it comes to falling pregnant?) Anyone got any good accident stories?



  • I fell pregnant with DD three months into my relationship with my (now) husband. We went to the pub and I had 2.5 pints of draught buweiser and threw up! In my lightweight-drunken state it didn't occur to me for a moment that it might affect my pill, and when I fleetingly pondered it afterwards, I didn't worry because I had really severe PCOS and my GP had told me a few years earlier that I'd prbably need Clomid etc. in order to conceive.

    Clearly she was wrong. In my defense, when I went to see her with 4 positive HPTs she had to get the practice nurse to make her a cup of coffee before she could address my concerns, she was so taken aback!

    Best mistake that ever happened to me, though.
  • Hi,
    G/C from pregnancy,
    I don't have any accident stories (pg with my first which was planned) but I think there's a big difference between an accident and a mistake. I'd say its an accident if you weren't planning anything but are still over the moon about it- so a happy accident I guess.
  • my mum fell pregnant twice with the coil in, 2nd time she didn't find out till 19 weeks and she said the gp had to sit down as he was so shocked :lol: she thought she was going through the menopause.
  • I have - a collegue who I used to work with had 4 (yes FOUR) babies, all daughters, and she'd been on the pill all four times!!!! She insisted she was taking it properly too, but I didn't know her well enough to get her a little piddled and actually ask whether she really was, or just kidding herself...

    I define that as an accident! x x x
  • We've not had any accidents... Yet! But when I thought I was pregnant earlier this week I was thinking how unfair it would be to call that baby an accident (because we're so close to starting ttc #2 anyway). I think I was trying to think of a way to deal with people commenting on a 14 mnth age gap! X
  • My dd was definately planned for. But my mum used to always joke that she had three children.... a girl, a boy and an accident!! :lol:

    My mum tried for 2 years to have me and 3 years after that to have my brother. Then a few months after having my first brother she found out she was pregnant again! She had had the copper coil put in when she had my brother and it had failed. My Nana (a midwife) used to always joke that my youngest brother came out with the coil in his hand! :lol:

    When she had my youngest brother she took him for his 6 week check and in the middle of a busy waiting room, when the dr called her, she promptly handed him my brother and said 'this is all your fault!' - one way to start rumours! haha!

    My poor brother is always reminded at family gatherings that he was a happy accident - of course in the affectionate way that families can tease image x
  • i find it amazing that "accidents" do happen as you have such a short time to get it right !

    I think most people are 100% aware that not taking precautions could lead to pg but it must be a shocker if you have used protection and you get a pink line!
  • I fell pregnant with Tegan a month after my 18th birthday, i was using contraception but with me just being 18 and partying all the time, i had thrown up a huge amount and hadnt even considered that my contraception wouldnt be reliable. but anyway we found out i was pregnant, me and oh had been together for 1.5 yrs and were both working, it didnt seem right not to keep her, it was our fault no one elses and we dealt with it, and im so glad that we did even though we had alot of oh's family saying we were making a mistake, i did feel that i missed out on doing alot of things with oh and my friends such as traveling, but in all honestly i do not care anymore and she is the most amazing thing to happen to us and we are so grateful to have here so i guess she was an accident but a very happy and wanted surprise! Leo was planned, much to oh's families disapointment as i was only 19/20 but it seemed like the right thing to do, as me and oh are both very close with our siblings and we wanted tegan to be the same and i absolutely love being a mummy image
    me and oh are both still very young, him being 22 and me 21 and we are very much happy, we dont plan on having anymore for atleast another 5 years but we are very lucky in that we can provide for our children very well and at the end of the day we do have a supportive family network even if we did disagree at the time of conceiving my lo's!! image

    oops sorry for the ramble lol and for any spelling mistakes but its quite dark in here (i should probably put a new bulb in the light) xxx
  • Oh MrsAmanda - definitely a miracle! I knew a lady who was meant to start IVF and had to call to say she'd fallen naturally - her miracle is 15 now! x
  • MrsAmanda my neighbour and very good friend was told that she would never ever concieve, i mean she was 35 and had been on the pill/used condoms (was with her husband so was all safe) and then she was considering ivf and when i found out i was pregnant with leo she found out she was also pregnant, which was crazy and there was 10 days between our due dates!! xx
  • Accidental miracle, MrsA! How did you react when you found out, what did you do? How many tests did you have to do to believe it?

    Telling my SIL I was pregnant with Lily was the hardest thing I've ever had to do - she and BIL had been trying for years. Telling her I was pg with Maddie was in a way also hard - she'd had a little boy by then thanks to IVF, but I know it was tough for her to hear we had been blessed a second time through one slip-up. I wish I didn't have to make anyone feel sad.
  • Hi,

    My Lo is technically an 'accident'. I was advised to come off the injection and we were using condoms (sorry if tmi!), but now and again we'd get cocky (no pun intended!) and try and use the rhythm method - how wrong (or right?!) were we?!

    Fell pregnant with baby T and I wouldn't change a thing! Dh always knew I wanted child/ren! But we hadn't planned on it for a few years. He is besotted with him too. I just need to work on him for number 2 because he only wants one! Help!

    BB xx
  • dd1 wasnt an accident just an amazing surprise as we had been trying for 3 years we bought a house and i'd given up hope got the flu but the tiredness didnt go away then i realised i was late so eventually did a test and was positive image then dd2 we fell first month of trying, currently ttc number 3
  • We were told it was unlikely I would conceive after my cancer treatment, we were getting married in June and at my 6 month review in the feb we asked permission to start trying when we were married, they agreed but weren't hopeful, neither were we.

    We had unprotected sex in celebraton as it wasn't going to happen and we wanted to 'not try just see what happens' Dylan was conceived then. We got married when I was 18 weeks pregnant, I think he's a miracle not an accident, he was planned and wanted its just he was earlier than expected.

    I will never ever forget the shock on both mine and dh's face though when cb digital said pregnant 1-2 weeks!
  • My daughter was a right surprise! A very happy one but I do admit to feeling overwhelmed and nervous as it was all just so unexpected but having been pregnant again since, I think those feelings were just normal pregnancy anxieties.
    Dude and I were together 2 years, I had irregular, though starting to settle, periods after years of eating disorder and dude had reasons to think babies may not be on agenda for him either. We didn't use any protection for about a year and never had so much as a 'ooo maybe' moment so when we flew to Rome to arrange our wedding and I was sick and exhausted the whole time, it never crossed my mind that I might be pregnant! Was only when I went for final fitting for my wedding dress and the lady commented on the perfect fit so 'don't go falling pregnant in the next few months' that I got to thinking. I think I just knew, it made so much sense and after a covert mission to Boots, it was confirmed. I was delighted but also afraid to tell dude, I know sounds silly but I thought he;d be mad as we would have to cancel our Itailian wedding lol But he was delighted and we just got married 6 weeks later at home.
    My mum fell pregnant 3 times on the pill, she and my dad only planned 1 of the 4 of us and that's the only boy lol but we never felt any less loved or wanted
  • my ds was a happy accident image in the sense i was on the pill and although i had pregnancy symptoms i had 2 negative pg tests in the space of a couple of months image ....by the time i found out i was 23 weeks :roll: image but we always say he was unplanned but most definatly very wanted image xx
  • ds1 was an accident or as some one once put it gatecrashed the party a little earlier than expected lol it was one night in the month that we didn't have any protection and thought what are the chances??!! lol turns out they were bloody well good ones, we were still living with our own parents but were 21 &22 and had been together for 6 years so wasn't that big of a deal, what was more of a shock for me was how hard it was to get ds2 18 months of timing, correct dieting legs in the air to get him??!! makes me even more grateful for my ds1 as he obviously was a determined we man lol
  • DS was a surprise gift to us too. I was on the pill and taking it religiously apart from the week I had a really bad stomach bug and I a) forgot to take it one day as too ill but thought it would be ok because it's cerazette and you can miss 2 days before you need to take extra precaution and b) didn't even think the days when I was taking them I was throwing them up probably in the space of 5 minutes. Anyway as you might imagine there wasn't much sex going on but I still managed to get pregnant. It didn't even cross my mind at the time though that I might not be covered....well until af was late lol! Bit worrying that there are a few coil pregnancy stories in here though as that's what i've got fitted now to prevent anymore suprises!! xxx
  • My DS1 was an accident/miracle. I was then seeing a guy who'd had 4 lots of treatment for cancer, and they'd tested his swimmers and told him that as a result of all the chemo he was definately sterile.

    I was also on the pill at the time, as I had awful periods without it. I found out I was PG a few weeks into my new job as an entertainer for a holiday company in Majorca. The pg test was in Spanish, and I had to sit on the edge of the loo with my Spanish-English dictionary to work out whether i was pg or not.

    My son is a joy, he was a brilliant gift - shame his dad turned out to be a complete and utter ********
  • DS was not planned. I had been taking the pill and on it for about 2 years, i guess you could say i was the 0.1% that do fall pregnant on the pill. I had never had a period on the pill i was on, so didnt even realise, i only tested cause something didnt feel quite right.

    DS is now 6 months old and i woudnt change a thing, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my partner. We are quite young but have been together 3 years and 8 months, so it wasnt like we had just met, we had our own place and financially stable, its like DS has always been a part of our family, and hard to imagine how we lived without him! xx
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