taking blood

the docs anytime know as to take to blood from my son now 8months i know it as to be done but its just the thought off it.

what were you like if your child as had it done?

my son as to because they want to see if hes milk tolerance plus hes losing weight.


  • I fell with my son in his moses basket when he was 3weeks old, He fractured his skull and had a small bleed.

    They took blood (with great difficultly) from his feet and hands. My Hubby held him as I was sobbing to much to hold him, He did cry but Not as much as you think they will.

    They discovered that he was anemic (sp) when they did all the test on him.

    tbh it might have been better had we had a more experienced doc taking the bloods though, he really struggled.

    omg I've just made it sound horrendous so sorry dont want to worry you, ours was a completely different situation. I'm sure it will be fine
  • hi hun faith blood when 5 monthsthey put cream on back of there hand and on there arms then they take from vaine try keep them warm has when faith it don they had problem getting though blood it end up not being able test the blood this was done my doctor but if at hospital they will much better at take blood. I just wating for my referal for faith she lossing weight to how big is your little one now let use now how you get try not worry has it keeping them still that make them cry good look
    carrie faith
  • hi hon!

    as Emmalou said, you should ask to go to the hospital for the blood taking purely due to experience. although GP's have all done paediatric rotation, some of them will have done it donkeys years ago, and although i'd have no issues with them taking mine - not a chance on my babies!!

    although the veins on babies are small, it is sometimes easier from a newborn than a baby a few months old, as very often they develop "chubby" hands and arms, making it very difficult to feel the veins, so as the others have said, magic cream is a must!!

    hope it all goes ok!!

    (Emmalou, does Nicholas not have a permanent line in?)
  • yea hes having his blood test in a main hospital. my husband wil be taking day off wrk when we know when he as to have it done as i cant hold him because i faint at the sight of blood or by because i know what they're doing. thanks guys
  • hey david had bloods taken at 2 weeks then again at 5 , first to see if he had meningitus secondly to see if he had milk protein intolerance. TBH i think its worse for the parents, I broke my heart crying he was screaming for a few seconds, they pricked his hand and had to let it drip for about 5 mins, felt like years but thats cos he was dehydrated . Your little man is a lot older and make sure hes drunk lots before, theyll use a canula i would have thought, a butterfly one
    Youll remember more than he does so dont worry

    Good luck
    sandie and david (3 months today image )
  • once the canula is in, it doesnt hurt at all, its better than having a needle in for all that time in a little one
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