Christmas cards

Hi, im going to make my own christmas cards this year for my family and close friends.
I'm thinking of including a photo of my lo on them as well but worried that they may think it is tacky, i think it will be cute but OH is not so sure, just wondering if anyone else is doing the same this year??



  • why not?! I love seeing pictures of babies and how my friends families are getting on. last year i did a letter to everyone and put a piccie in the corner. your friends and family will live it!
  • oh yes - I always send a little letter - I know some people hate this and think it is all boastful but I don't boast I just like to share my news and I LOVE recieving the same I will be putting a photo in of Max and it will be even more key as I sent all our cards last year JUST the day before he made his suprise arrival 6 weeks early!

    So I say go for it!
  • i did that last year, it's a great idea.
    i have a lot of family in Canada so i think they really appreciated it and my mum loved it even though she sees my boys every week or so!!!
  • Thanks ladies for your replies. I'm definitely going to go ahead with it then, i even have a santa suit that he can wear for the photos :\)

    It shall be the first time i will be making the Christmas cards as well so need to start finding the time, probably during the evenings!
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