Ikea highchair - support cushion

I don't have one at home but have used the really cheap Ikea highchair lots, and am considering getting one and selling our Teddy's Wash Day one on eBay. I like ours, but the Ikea ones are just so easy to keep clean and take up so little space.

Lily obv doesn't need to be supported at 20 months, but Maddie is coming up to weaning age and will. Does anyone have the support cushion and is it ok? It's not worth my while buying the highchair at all if a small baby will slump in it.

Thank you for any replies.


  • We have just bought it with the cushion. Lo is 2 weeks older and sits in it really well with the cushion. I don't have it fully inflated though as he wouldn't fit, and he's a skinny wee thing so I'm not sure how long he'll use it but for ??4 I'm not fussed
  • Thanks grizzlechops.

    Sorry I know this is a bit cheeky but just wanted to *bump* in case anyone else who has it missed this - I know it's a bit quiet on here on Sundays.
  • We have the support cushion and it generally keeps Adam upright and comfy - he is not sitting unsupported yet so needs a bit of help! He sometimes still slumps forward a bit x
  • We had the ikea one at my mum's for Lily and she was always fine in it. Def takes up less room and is really handy for traveling too. She doesn't have the cushion in it anymore ...she can only just squeeze into it at 25 months lol but it was one of the best buys for us.
  • The support cushion is fab! Freddie is 9 months now but isn't very big so we still use the cushion, just not as inflated as it was.
    It's a brilliant highchair - one of our best buys for sure!
  • Thanks ladies, really helpful! Definitely getting one then.
  • Just an update for anyone else who was wondering the same thing as me - picked up our Ikea highchair and inflatable support cushion this afternoon and tried it out with my youngest LO who is 4 1/2 months. She was brilliantly supported, far comfier looking than in the Bumbo or our bigger highchair. She sat in it happily for about 15 mins. Thank you for the recommendations, I'm very pleased!
  • glad you got it, our LO is really comfy in his and its a million times better than the Graco one we had. Bargain of the year!
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