Weaning-getting exasperated!!

Hi, I could really do with some help here!!

I've been slowly weaning my 7 month old for about 3/4 weeks, starting off with the basic baby porridge and rice etc.. then moving onto fruit puree's and trying him on some vegetable ones. Basically, we've come to a point where he will just not eat anything savoury-I've tried him on bland stuff like scrambled egg, mashed up boiled egg, and tastier things like sweet potatoe mash, cod and potatoe, boccoli- I've tried loads of the annabel karmel recipes etc, at first he took a bit of the sweet potatoe but suddnely stopped wanting that so I tried him on other savoury things which he won't eat either. Today I tried him on puree'd chicken and potatoe cassorole dish which I put a little bit of organic low salt chicken stock in to add flavour but he still will only take about 1 teaspoon full, rolls it around his mouth and spits it out. I've even tried adding just a bit of puree'd apple into his savoury things to see if that helped- it didn't! It starts off well, he settles into his high chair in a good mood and I make a game out of him eating from the spoon etc etc.. he smiles away, takes a mouthful of food quite happily then realises it's not sweet and all hell breaks loose!! It gets quite stressful because he is scremaing the house down with hunger so I end up having to give him some puree'd fruit (which he loves) or a petit filous yoghurt just to pacify him and satisfy his hunger.. which is okay now and then of but that is literally ALL he is eating at the moment!!. I know this all takes time and I honestly don't expect him to just start eating all these different flavours overninght, I can even accept the kitchen looking like a bombsite fo no reason but I'm just getting worried he is taking on way too much sugar with all the fruit and not much else. I'm also wondering if I'm making a rod for my own back by giving in and giving him sweet things all the time? Or is this better than nothing?(Apart from his usual bottles that is.) I've already started adding baby rice to the fruit purre's just to bulk them out a bit. I'm new to all this so would like to know how and when your LO took to eating different foods? How many times do you have to try them on different foods before the accept them, and more importanly what did you give them in the meantime?? I.e, shall I keep giving him things he likes or just stick to his bottle feeds untill he accepts other things? He is a happy and healthy baby in all other respects. Sorry to go on!! Any tips would be appreciated!:\?


  • Oh I don't know chick, didn;t want to read and run, I think itf it was me I would probably just keep with the fruit etc to be honest \s he is taking this and then just keep retrying him every couple of days or you could try it then if he refuses just guve him his bottle as norm in the hope he'll eventually learn that he can't get his own way, it's hard to know if he just prefers the fruit and knows he'll get his own way or if he just does not like the food?? at least fruit is good for him not like he's refusing everything but chocolate lol good luck xx
  • maybe mix fri=uit with veg 9parsnip and apple is nice) an increase the quant of veg slowly?!
  • I agree with EMs101, introduce veg into his fruit dishes, slowly but surley put more into them and he will develope his little taste buds over the weeks and actually forget that he only loves the sweet stuff!!

    I did that with dd2 and it worked a treat lol, now she will eat anything and at nearly 5 yrs old I run out of food as she eats so much fresh stuff lol.

    I wouldnt worry if he only has 1 teaspoon either, they actually spit out less that it looks as its normally mixed with saliva so looks more if you get what I mean lol. Dont give up keep giving 1 tsp if you like, it will also show him that your happy for him to try it but not forcing him may make him want more in the end!

    ds2 6 months hates banana with a passion but today he actually ate 6 spoons of mushed up banana for lunch withoiut a single spitting out..ive only been trying him on it every day for the last 2 weeks lol lol lol

    So persevear, dont fret, at 7 months they are really only just developing tastes and texture preferences, hes a long way to go yet lol and remember along the way there will be blips and him refusing things he likes a week agao but just carry on as normal, dont stress and he will get there in the end.

    Sorry to go on, hope this makes some sort of sense xx
  • Hi

    Tyler (8 months) is exactly the same, but not in nursery strangely. I've found in the house he loves the novelty of eating from the ella's kitchen or plum pouches and will happily let me squeeze them into his mouth, he has both savoury and sweet (today he had lamb dinner), he will eat off a spoon for sweet things but for savoury he gets bored easy. And we make a game of it by him playing with the pouches. I've tried making my own aswell and end up binning most of it.

    It may be worth a try ???

  • Thanks everyone,.. I ill defo try the introducing veg into his sweet dishes gradually as hadn't actually thought of that (?!) thnks again x
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