Feeding LO on Holiday

Hi all

We are hoping to get a last minute holiday in a few weeks time... maybe the Canaries, or Cyprus.

What would you do with feeding a 10-month old abroad? I am worried he will catch tummy bugs.

Should we just feed him jars for the whole time? I feel bad doing that though - he is used to home-cooked food. Plus we like to use Ella's Kitchen or Plum Baby but they are small and don't fill him up as much now and so would cost a bomb!!!

Joo xxx


  • Hi I don't have experience with this but we are going to the lakes for a few days tonight so I am taking Ella's kitchen for when we are out and home cooked food for when tea.

    We are going abroad in May and LO will be 9 months then and I was planning on finger foods at dinner and pouches of either plum or ella's kitchen at tea but like you say it will be costly

    It will be interesting to here what others have done xx

  • i've tried to reply to this 3 times now and BE has eaten the reply grr!

    Anyhoo - i would aim more towards the finger food route and if cooking for yourselves use lots of veggies and make sure the meat is cooked.
    if eating out - a jar/pouch wont do any harm and neither will a small portion of your meal.

    when we went to tenerife we saw lots of people with kids aged 1yr ish and they were letting the kids eat the native foods.
    we found that the food places over there are so proud of their food and their high standards that most places were great (most - not all, there were prob some dodgy ones too)
    the staff at the site should know the best places to go to for kids meals. image

    There are thousands of places in the lakes that do kiddie food although i realise your lo prob isnt on big meals yet image
    they will always warm baby food if you ask though.
    Hope you have a great time up here, the weather at the moment is fantastic - clear blue skies and lovely warm days getting up to about 6-7degrees! image (although we are south cumbria)

  • Thanks icecreamlover, 6-7 degrees is like bikini weather after the winter we have had lol xx
  • We're going to Greece in May and our LO will be 9months old. We've been before with my sister who at the time had a 10month old daughter. She ate the local food and was fine.
    We'll be taking with us a few sachets/jars, some dry cereal and some baby snacks (biscuits, rice cakes etc). Whilst we're there we'll buy yoghurts, bread, fruit etc so we'll always have something for LO to snack on and then he'll have some of our food when we eat out. Most restaurants put bread on the table and he loves to munch on this so I know he's definitely not going to go hungry. I'll let him have plenty of veg and will let him have some meat as long as it's thoroughly cooked.
    Most eateries are very accommodating for babies & toddlers. I remember my neice kept getting treats off the waiters like a choc ice after her meal so she loved eating out with us.

    Shell xx
  • We took Poppy to Mexico when she was 10 months and she just ate whatever we ate from the restaurants, I didn't take any baby food with me at all. She had cereal/toast for breakfast, finger foods for lunch and pasta or potatoes with meat or fish for dinner and she was fine, Unless your lo is particularly fussy then I wouldn't bother with jars/pouches at all and just give him whatever you are having (within reason of course!).
    Hope you have a fantastic holiday!
  • I asked my friend this the other day as were taking LO to majorca in May when he'll be 7 months. She took her LO when she was the same age and she made up food when she got there. She said to check what the facitlies the apartments may have.....if they've got a hob/microwave you should be able to make some food up for him. She bought loads of veg/meat and made up meals for her LO and took them with her if they went out. She also let her LO eat bits from the restaurant.

    I think im going to do the same, but was thinking of taking a few pouches of Ellas kitchen as he really likes them. But just as a side line.....will the pouches be ok in the suitcase?? Will they explode?!? Same with jars...would glass be ok in a suitcase?? Sorry if there silly questions, just worried me!! xx
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