Baby grumpy, me fed up!

Ok so maybe I am having a bad day as this has been relentless for the past few days. I just need someone to vent to.

I have come away to Poland with my husband and out LO has been whinging and whining since we got here. The weather is warm so I thought it was that and the travel she has endured (she is nearly 6 months). I thought because she was out of her comfort zone she was just unsettled. My OH was clearly worried, as was I but I feel like |I always have to be the one who holds everything together as he can be a bit of a hypochondriac I play things down a bit as I can't cope with his worry and anguish as well as my own and looking after LO. So today we had enough and took her to the hospital where it was found she has slight redness on her tonsils, so a possible viral infection, which the dr thinks could be contributing to her moodiness. Now I feel really bad that I was brushing things under the carpet and glad that we have caught something early before it got really bad but I can't help feeling a little knarcky at OH for not helping me through it too and at times making me feel like I am doing a rubbish job. I am also exhausted as she won't be consoled, dummies are the only thing which passify her for any length of time, and I find she is bored of toys and only wants the stuff she can't have, tv remote, computer, nappy bags.

I am generally fed up and exhausted. Don't get me wrong my OH will take her and we have both had our time but I've now had enough, need a full night sleep I think

x x x x x


  • oh you poor soul, what a shame while you are away!! I
    im sure if you get some sleep you will feel better, and hopefully by tomorrow your lo will be starting to feel a bit better

    Chin up

    Gemm x
  • oohhhh I so hope so, she is on medication now so by tomorrow we should see some improvement. Even after a good long sleep she is still very grumpy, to make it all worse I am bickering with my OH just wish I was at home in my comfort zone too.

    x x x
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