Wind and sickness after feeding (also in BF)

I am at my wits end with feeding at this moment in time.

My LO is 6 weeks old. Last week I ate a meal which did not agree with her and as a result she had a tummy upset for a few days. Since then however she is now sick after most feeds, maybe not straight away but an hour to 2 hours later and quite a bit. Also she has bad wind after feeding so bad that during the night when I fed her and winded her after feeding, she burped and it was that forceful she was sick nearly a whole feed by the look of it. because of the sickness she is feeding every 2 hours which is too often according to the books. I am so tempted to give her formula as I feel I have bad milk making her sick and windy and also to establish a routine. Can anyone advise me please.

Kelly & Abigail


  • it sounds like she may have traped wind, have you tried anything like gripe water?if this is the problem formula is not going to help i'm afraid as we have been formula feeding since jacob was 6 days old and he had this until we started using gripe water, now he is only rarely sick, it may also be reflux so it may be worth speaking to your health visitor or taking him to the gp if the gripe water doesnt work

    its worth trying to ease her wind first to see if that helps if you are successfully breast feeding and enjoying it,

    becca and jacob
    6 weeks, 4 days
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