Baby P..........

Will you lot all hang your heads in shame.........

With this awful tragedy still very much in my thoughts and also a local girl 0f 4 years old died in less than 3 weeks of having a rare cancer in my area, she was the same age as my eldest son I am horrified that we think so little of each other on here with all this sadness going on.

This is NOT a bitching post to start more arguments, it is a reminder that there is soo much sadness out there and we have our precious babies that I am gutted people forget this so easily.


  • yep how awful there is so much other things going on in the world , babyp,people losing children, cancer which is devastating for families.....i think we should all be greatful for our lo's and spend our time on here talking about how wonderful they are and how useless oh is ..he he only kidding i love him really xxxxx
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