What's classed as dreamfeeding?

Hi girls
Oliver feeds at 7.30, 11, 3, 6 (6oz each feed) and goes to bed around 8pm (strange feed times but it's the routine he put himself in lol!).
Because he only takes 4 bottles during the day we wake him around 10.30 and he takes about 4oz. His last nappy change is at 6 when we bath him so we always change his nappy at the 10.30 feed as he wakes up quite wet otherwise at 7.30am.

We change him very gently, just enough to get him to stir to take his bottle and he tends to take the 4oz quite steadily and half asleep. Would this constitute dreamfeeding? I always thought it was when they were asleep but it's pretty much impossible to get him to take anything if we don't change his nappy. He is still taking approx 2oz at 2am but i'm going to start offering dummy/water as I dont' think he NEEDS it, more of a habit.
I'm concerned if I drop the 10.30 feed he's going to wake around 11.30 due to hunger then will wake again at say 4/5 for his 2oz which will throw him off his 7.30 start time. If we don't keep his first feed of the day the same he then tends to just snack ALL DAY rather than taking a feed and becomes a right ratbag lol!

Just wondered if the last feed would be considerd a dreamfeed or a normal feed (as he is supposed to be on 5 per day) just so I know in terms of starting to drop it (if it's a dreamfeed I guess it's up to me to drop it rather than him. He does take his 5 bottles of 6 oz as recommended but he seems to split the last one over 4oz and 2oz if that makes sense?
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