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pls can you advise on the depo-provera contraceptive jab....

hi ladies...
i know this forum is meant for baby chat BUT i wondered if anyone could let me know about the contraceptive infection. im looking to have this in a weeks time when im due on (as i have two kids now) and am a bit worried about the effects etc.....

im told that they can make you bleed on and off for few months then period normally stops...
what i would like to know is....

do you still get normal symptoms of 'that time of the month'.. such as hormonal... pms?... etc....
does it decrease your sex drive? (only reason i ask is that like most women.. i feel i want to make love more when ovulating... so therefore does this make you want sex less?)
apparently all periods stop after three injections (9 months) is this true?

these are my three main questions...
i would very much appreciate it if anyone could advise me....
I hate messing around with my body but i figured i would have the injection to stop it all together.... ??

please could those of you who have had this/currently taking this... let me know.
many than ks
Em x


  • I've just finished 3months on it and gone on the pill. Since going on it I was bleeding only lightly but constantly. It was annoying me having to wear a pantyliner every day so I've gone on the pill.

    I used to have it a few years ago and I'm sure I didn't bleed as much, I think they pretty much went quite quickly. Another reason I decided to not have it anymore though was because people say it can make you put on weight. When my sister was younger it made her put on weight on her legs and she's got loads of stretch marks from it.

    Don't know much about the pms symptoms or sex drive as I don't think any contraception has ever changed mine.
  • Hey hun, i did 9 months and bled constantly for 7 months (the last 7), some days just spotting but mostly a constant period, ive been on the mini pill now for a few weeks and for me its a lot better.
    But every women is different, i had a friend whos periods completely stopped with the depo injection
  • Hiya, I was on the depo jab for about two years and my periods stopped completely from about the second month. I think my sex drive was the same but i did put on three stone BUT when i complained to the doc he quite sensibly said, yes it can increase your appetite but you are the one stuffing food in your mouth! x
  • Hi i was on depo for about 3 years and i bleed irregularly for anything upto 14/15 days at a time, it was light though. It is not supposed to pt weight on you as it is progesterone only but i founs it did increase my appetite and i did struggle and did put weight on.
    I also found it dried me out down there quite a bit. It did provide contraceptive peace of mind at an age where i was far to irresponsible and unreliable to take the pill daily. When i have had my bubba i will be going back on pill as was happy with it for the last 2 years with no real side effects.
    Sorry cant give you a positive take on it good luck what ever you decide x
  • thanks ladies...
    keep them coming...
    it just gives me an insight to real experiences.
    thanks again.
    really appreciate it.
  • I was on it a few years ago and loved it to be honest. I can;t take oestroegen so can't have the combined pill, I read a leaflet on my options, went to the GP to ask for the implant only to be told they didn;t do them but they recommended the injection instead. I did have very light spotting for probably the first month, then no bleeding at all - I;d had very heavy periods so for me this was fab. I didn't have any time of the month symptoms, and I don't remeber it affecting my sex drive - I'm sure it didn't.

    I did put on weight with the first injection, but it seemed to fall off by itself - and like someone else says, it actually increases your appetite rather than making you gain weigth direclty, so that is something you could keep an eye on if you were concerned about it.

    I came off it after 5 years as I was told being on it long term (longer than 5 years) can increase risk of osteoporosis (I think the risk is higher the younger you are, but your GP should be able to explain this) - I went on the mini pill then, but to be honest I much preferred the injection
  • I was on it for nearly 2 years. I didn't bleed at all but put on over a stone in weight so came off it. xx
  • i was on it too on and off for about 5 years. never had any problems with it - no bleeding, no weight gain and didnt seem to have an effect on my sex drive whereas the pill made me gain weight and made my boobs huge (big enough already) so for me the injection was fab xx
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