Can I Just Say...

how CUTE is this sleepsuit?!?! lol...(modelled of course by JJ this morning before i got him dressed hehe)


  • aaww its lovely. where did you get it? xx

    JJs so cute! xx
  • Adams! well, its actually a romper suit but if he's too big to get away with wearing it in the day, just looks like he's wearing PJs :lol: x
  • havnt they gone under now? oooo does that mean big sales? woohoo! xx
  • image !!!! ??9.99 - are you serious!!!!!!!!
  • i was talking to the girl in there yesterday and she said they were finding out more today about what was happening...yeah, i'm mad, ?? really is cute tho! it was one of them "i've GOT to have this"...i'd wear it myself but it doesn't fit :lol: x
  • yeah they have some really nice stuff, i have to say yesterday was the first time i've bought from there for him, he got a lovely xmas suit from his grandad from there which prompted me to go and have a look at what they had!
  • lol - ur mad! hahaha xx
  • i wanted him to wear it last night so i rushed to wash and dry it ready but it wasn't dry in time so he had another sleepsuit on but just as the drier finished he was sick down the sleepsuit he was wearing so obv he wanted to wear the gingerbread one too :lol: x
  • That is so cute!!!! I hope they dont go I love adams! Even though I discovered a love for boys base yesterday even though it hit hubbys pocket as I brought George a lovely DKNY shirt and it was ??35 I fell in love with it though and have now decided George is my hot date for my birthday party!!

  • ??35?! ouch! lol x
  • I know that would usually get me so much more but I fell in love with it think i will have to avoid that shop when he gets bigger as at his age group thy only have a few bits but once he hits 2 there is tonnes! Think I may just avoid bluewater altogether lol! x
  • its so cute, I think i might pop into adam and look at whats still available xxx
  • Thats gorgeous!!!

    Our 'biggest' expense was 28pound on a In the Night Garden coat for Kelsie!! Its gorgeous!!

    I'm terrible for buying them clothes!!

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