Weaning - how fast?

Maddie is almost 5 months and has been trying solids for a few weeks now (sucking on lumps of fruit, a bit of puree, and baby porridge (I say "trying" solids because I haven't really got a weaning schedule, I'm just offering her a bit at my other LO's meal times if she happens to be awake). She loves it - eats everything I offer, mouth wide open, etc.

For the past few days she has been awake at all three mealtimes and as usual I sit her up at the table when I give my other LO her meals. The trouble is, she makes it very clear she wants food too, even when she's already had two tastes of solids that day. I wanted to take it slowly until 6 months but I am following her lead and it seems she wants to go faster!

Would it be going too fast, to give her three little meals a day, given she was on just breastmilk only a fortnight ago? She is pooing ok etc. Am feeling a little unsure of myself as I had quite a strict schedule with my first LO, who had one meal a day at 4 months, two at 5 months, and three only at 6 months.

Thanks for any constructive advice!


  • hey ptb reece is 5 months and he is on 3 meals a day, i started him quite early but he was very keen from the word go honestly after one spoonful of rice he was holding his mouth open and grunting for more lol i did take it slow because of his age but i would say as she is 5 months you would be ok to take it quicker than with lo1 as they were younger to start??

    one thing my hv told me to watch out for was pooing etc adn reece has had no problems in thiis area at all to date so am assuming his body is doing as it should (always get really black ones after cabbage lol)

    enjoy xx
  • Personally I would go with her lead, you don't have to give her loads but if she wants a bit of what your having as long as its suitable if she's already having 2 "meals" anyway a bit more wont hurt.

  • I'm for baby setting the pace. James isn't always that interested in food. But he loves sweet things!

    I would still stick with the root veg first, fruits etc until 6 months. Then you can give pretty much anything.

    James has been weaning from exactly 6 months, and he's 7 months in a couple of days. I started him on lunch for a week, then brekkie and lunch for another week Then 3 meals. He's progressed pretty quickly though, as can manage stage 3 puree. I'm still a bit cautious which finger foods I give him, as he has no teeth yet to help. But he's chewing more with his gums, and against the roof of his mouth.

    3 small amounts a day won't hurt. If she doesn't want it, she won't take it. xx
  • I think you're doing the right thing hun! As a general rule with these things, if you follow your baby's lead - you wont go far wrong! image
  • Thanks girls! You've reassured me.
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