High chair that attaches to table recommendation?

Anyone got one and can recommend it?

I have seen this one:


and it has good reviews - anyone got it?

Thanks x


  • i havne't, but my brother odes for his youngest and its fantastic! i wanted one for ds as i love it so much but we have a drop leaf table so can't sue it iwth those image if i had a normal table i'd definately get one, they also do the chicco 360 which rotates out so still attached to the table but baby doesn't have to face the tablle, but its is more ??s


    hth xx
  • Ooh thanks - the swivelling one looks even better!
  • We've got the chicco 360 and I'd definately recommend it. the swivel feature is really handy when you're spoon feeding, as you can point them in the right angle, depending on where you're facing. When lo gets a bit older they can face the table. I used to sit my lo in it while i was hoovering, and could point him either at the table to play with toys, or facing me so he could see what I was doing.

    the only downside is that it can be difficult to clean, and it's easy for them to drop food down the space between the table and the seat, but we stick a flexible placemat to cover the space, and that works fine.

    definately one of our best buys!

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