mmr jab??

anyone's baby had this done yet? anyone dreading it as much as me? i know its to help protect baby but dont think i can see her go thru that pain again like her other ones as she is more aware of this like this now, also all this talk that it is linked to babys having autism and bowel diseases, millie should be getting her letter soon and im really not looking forward to it, image


  • I understand ur worries hun, my mum thinks u can pay 2 get them done separately rather than combined. Government are saying that its safe and that children mite not accepted 2 school if the parents opted out of having childs jabs done. X
  • I am the same. Jamie is having his 12 month jabs today and I am not with him and feel really bad (can't get away from work). Am dreading the MMR as I feel really confused but will go for the combined jab I think as I just don't have the money for sep jabs.
  • Amy had it done when she was 15 months & I understand completely the way you are feeling coz I was exactly the same. She has been fine since hers. She had a rash like they say 7 -10 days after but nothing other than that. I'm going to get Zara done too when the time comes coz I would rather she was protected against measles mumps & rubella too.
  • Don't worry about it as all the stories are a load of rubbish and all hyped up by the media. When it becomes apparent that a child has autism it is at the same time that the mmr jab is given (13 mths) which is understandably why people put 2+2 together and get 5. Imogen is due hers soon and we got the appointment through with a mmr fact sheet and when you read the sheet there is actually no proven link between the mmr jab and autism. When you get the appt through for your lo's jab i would definitely recommend you read the leaflet as its really informative. xx
  • hi. all my 4 up to now have had it and the boosters, and they are all fine. archie has got his in 6 weeks time and i have absolutely no worries about him having it.xxxx
  • hey hun,
    im dreading it aswel. the father of my son had a really bad reaction to it and had to be quarentined for 6months as his skin started coming off!! im so scared that something like this will happen to my little man image also im so scared of him going through that pain, i cried my eyes out when he had his heel prick! image poor things xx
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