Changing bag for a newborn

Right ladies, please help me... what do we need to pack in our changing bag?

I have:
nappies x 10 (size 2)
baby wipes
nappy bags
nappy cream
mini changing mat

I know I'll need a couple of spare vests/sleepsuits and a couple of bibs or muslin squares but haven't got any of those yet!

What else should I put in?

Sarah 34+5


  • Is this for taking into hopsital?
  • Is this for when you are out and about with lo? You are very organised. I would also add some maternity pads for you as you will still be bleeding quite heavily and maybe some breastpads. A dummy if you plan on using one?
  • Not specifically, just for when we are out and about really although Paul thinks we should yake it to the hospital too rather than putting all the changing things in the 'hospital bag'.
  • Can't think of anything to add to your list just wanted to chip in that for a newborn, size 1 nappies should be more than adequate. I know the weights on the packets can be a bit misleading.

  • Was gonna say same as linziMc, the size 2 nappies will be massive for a newborn. Also when going to hospital, dont take just 10, take the whole pack. Say you ll stay in hospital for 2 days - a newborn can go trhough 10 a day :P (well mostly around 7 - 8).

  • Thank-you ladies!

    I will get those other bits added in and make sure I invest in some more size 1 nappies - as a first time mummy to be I was relying on the weight guides on the packets, thought we might even skip size 1 altogether so only got one small pack as a 'just in case'!
  • Only things I can add is maybe a little spray hand gel to use. I also have some milton or dettol wipes to wipe down public changing tables before using them. But you can always just put your changing mat on them. I now use the milton wipes to wipe down highchairs. image xx
  • I had a BIG baby...10lbs 2.5oz...and he was in size 1 until he was about 3 weeks!

    Maybe pack a few snacks for you too...for in hospital or when out and about to keep you going. I used to carry granola bars with me at all times, and some dried apricots and figs.
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