health visitors..

how often do you see yours?

Since Robert was born, the hv has only seen us three times. He's now 15 weeks.

Is this normal? I think it's pretty rubbish to be honest, we moved house into a different area 6 weeks ago and the community nursery nurse came to drop off relevant telephone numbers and thats all the contact I've had.

Is everyone else the same?


  • my hv came to our house every week 4 the first six weeks then its up to us when we want to see her.she does drop in sessions.x
  • my hv came twice and is coming again 6-8 weeks from her last visit. think if they see your doing fine they kinda leave u 2 it. But i still see a hv at weighing clinic
  • Depends what area you are in but some have like a traffic light system Green - standard 3 visits Amber - they keep a closer eye on you (especially if its your 1st or they suspect you have pnd and Red - if they think you need a lot of care or know you have pnd or are really struggling to cope.

    My 1st I saw stand in HV once then actual HV at 12 wks as she had never met her but 2nd lo have seen HV 3 times and wont see her again unless I ask her to.

    Dont worry, they wouldn't leave you if they thought you werent coping and you can always ask them to come and see you or see them at baby clinic.

    This does vary from area so anyone who sees there HV a lot dont worry it could just be different system where you are.

  • JJ is 5 months and i saw my HV 3 times at home in the first 8 weeks, will only see her again at 9 months now...i see a HV every time i get him weighed and there's always someone to speak to whenever i phone the clinic x
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