What a day!

So stressful

I left Matthew with OH while i went shopping for my fancy dress and he has creid pretty much all day. he didnt take his 5pm bottle, onlt had half and OH says he had to force it down and he onlt had a bit of his rusk! He has been on the phone to me numerous times cos he didnt know what was wrong.

I get hope and he smiled at me and has gone to sleep.

His bed time routine will be later tonight that usual now. i bet he has a bad night cos he's been all messed up today.

Has he just missed me? is he being clingy? I am so worried now cos i am supposed to be gout out tomorrow night and i he is staying at MIL's and i am scared he wont settle for her!

Heather x


  • sorry to hear your lo has had a bad day its probably just becuse he didnt see you as much i hope he sleeps ok for you im sure he will be fine tomorrow night it will do you good to have a night out i wish i had someone to have my lo for a few hours.how old is he?my lo is 7 months and is at the height of seperation anciety(sp) but we cant be there all the time.
    take care Linimage
  • Hi Kara is the same. She is so clingy for the past 2 months. I am going back to work in 5 weeks time and my MIL is going to look after her so I have just had to leave her in there for a few days this last 2 weeks and the last few times she has been grand. Before this I couldn't even give her to anyone else without her crying and only settling when she comes back to me. This is with my parents as well who she sees almost every day. It is a stage that they go through but you just have to preserve and it will all work out in the end. I will admit though it is very hard. Today Kara even watched me driving away and didn't cry. I felt great and didn't feel bad leaving her at all. She settled really well and has come around great. She just realises that I am not there so there is no point in crying and she also realises that I do come back for her eventually. I leave her for 2-3 hours and I will increase this nearer the time.

    Good luck and I am sorry to hear you are going through this as well. Just try and get him more used to others before it gets worse. I have found these past 2 months hard and it is only this past 2 weeks I feel I can leave her with my in laws if I need to go somewhere. She won't even stay with my parents yet. I will have to work on that now lol.

    Good Luck
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