HELP!! Stroller recommendations

Im really struggling to find a stroller i like. Im getting serious stroller anger as everytime i find one i like i find bad reviews. Now i know you'll always find people who dont like things or had issues, but it seriously is more bad than good!!

We need one to be fairly lightweight as want to take abroad this May. It therefore really needs to be umbrella fold or similar.We want it to recline so LO can sleep in it if were out and about and hubby really wants it to have some form of blue in it for our son (he just has a black pushchair!) We dont want to spend more than ??120ish.

I really like the petitie zia star, but i seem to find really bad reviews on it. Hubby isnt sure as he thinks its heavy?!? According to the spec it seems to be one of the leightest so i cant understand why he thinks that!!
Im also worried as the lightweight ones always seem to have reviews that say there so lightweight you cant hang a changing bag on the handles, which obviously id need to do. So do i go for ultra lightweight or something a little heavier so i can hang bag on back?!?!

Oh please help with any suggestions or recommendations, im losing my mind with the decision!! xx


  • Hiya
    We have the OBaby Atlas which they do in various colours. Weve had it from birth and i love it! It reclines flat so my dd can sleep and is very lightweight (7.7kg) which means i can carry my daughter in one arm and put the buggy up one handed with the other! My daughter is now 6 months and i think she loves it too! (Its on special offer at the mo in Mothercare too for ??69.99)

    hope that helps
    Sue and London 29 weeks

    edit: forgot to say: im able to hang her nappy bag on the handles too with no problem. and it has NEVER tipped back even with all my shopping on it!:\)

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  • hi, i loved my maclaren quest.
    It dosent lay fully flat but its suitable from 3month so fairly flat.
    its not so light that it tips with changing bag and a couple of shopping bags but is still very light.
    the covers are so easy to remove and shove in the washer and the shopping bag underneath also fits a lot in.
    its so easy to fold with 1 hand and folds up really small!! i wish i still had it!!
    ive now got a mamas and papas ziko and although it looks nice, it tips so easily i wish id got another maclaren!!
    Holly, Jayden (2), Tyler (1) & bump 18+6!!xx
  • hi era,

    I've got the silver cross pop and really like it. Not had any problems with it so far, except the cup holder falls off sometimes when i fold it but i can live with that! it's the one i had at the TC that time. it is available in black/blue and i got it for ??90 but is ??120 full price at mothercare.

    the only thing is it doesn't recline fully but is almost flat and LO sleeps in it with no problems x

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  • With dd1 we had a Maclaren Quest and I loved it. I got it when she was about six months and it lasted until she didn't need it anymore and was still in really good condition. It was easy to fold with one hand while holding her. My parents lived abroad and it travelled well and was robust enough that it was ok going in the hold on the plane. I plan on getting the same for this lo too.
  • i have a m&p one that is very light (cant remember the name sorry) I have tip me not weights so the shopping/changing bag isn't an issue x
  • We have just got a Maclaren Quest too. My sis has one for her lo and raves about it so we thought we'd just get one that's been tried and tested rather than spend ages looking around.

    Not used it yet though as I am still enjoying having Beth facing me in her MyChoice.

  • Thats what worries me BabyB. It hadnt occured to me until yesterday that once i start using the stroller Ollie wont be facing me....argh the thought of that right now is not good. I love being able to see him smiling at me. I know its good for them to face the world to see whats going on, but i like it how it is for now! Boo hoo!! I'll have a look at the maclaren quest when i go shopping next, dont think ive really seen it, but i think it maybe beacuse its more than we wanted to pay, but if i know its good i dont mind xx
  • i have the maclaren ryder spitfire (same style as techno), it lays completely flat, doesn't tip, can be folded and unfolded with one hand, comes with a carry handle on the side and is still light enough for me to carry the pushchair and lo, and my lo is 2, also the seat unit is big enough to cater for my large 2 yr old, but then i also know it will be padded and cosy enough for the new baby too, it also has a basket so changing bag could go in there instead. also its a very boyish khaki green with the spitfire sign on the hood. xxx

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