Stair gate question??

Hi my son is 7 months tomorrow & is trying to crawl (we are currebtly going backwards!) so thinking its time to put up a stair gate as our stairs come down into our living room, trouble is is that the gate i have (pressure fitting one) pops out of place as i have a wall on one side then a thin pine banister on the other.

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem & have found a gate of some sort that fits & stays put?????
I am going to try and add a pic of the banister, sorry if it doesn't work


  • i can't help i'm afraid but amp interested in the solution as at the moment we have pressure gates but we're (hopefully) moving and the place we've found has the stairs in the living room with wall on one side and a banister almost identical to yours and we had thought it might be an issue, ds is 18months so definately need to find a solution before we move in (finger's crossed) xx
  • I had the same problem with my stairs and in the end I had to get a gate that I had to fix to the wall. But it does mean that you will need to redecorate and fill in the holes when you take it down though.
  • Do you not have a newell post that is thicker than the spindles??

    We'll have issues, because the stringer (bit that is attached to the wall and the treads) means we'll need a different width at the top of the gate to the bottom. So may have to put a wooden block on the wall! xx
  • I'm not sure if ths will help, but I'm sure I saw somewhere when I was looking for safety gates a spindle that babydan sell that you attach to a spindle to fit a gate where there's only a wall on one side. I looked at one site (or something very similar) and they had lots of information - think it might have been there. Otherwise you could google it, I think it was called a y connection (?)
    Sorry, not as helpful as I thought I might be - must do something about my lack of memory!
  • thanks very much girls looks like those spindles are the answer!!!! x
  • I have spindles and have a thicker one at the bottom but it keps slipping off so we ended up putting a piece of wood against the bottom spindle to keep it in place and then the other against the wall. We done this at the top and bottom of the stairs as we had 2 gates. My friend also done this and it worked perfect.
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