5th tooth and I had no idea!!

I just discovered Gabe has 5 teeth - I hadn't got a clue :lol: I only saw it cos I was changing him on my lap and I could see all his mouth! I thought he was cutting a bottom canine but he has cut the top incisor. I feel so dumb haha. We havent had any sleepless nights but he's been refusing food, however this is typical Gabe so didnt think anything of it.


  • Bless!

    Fingers crossed the rest of them come through with no fuss then!
  • Bless him. I'm still waiting for Theo's first! He's 6 months now, how old was gabe when he got his first??
  • Well done Gabe for being a big brave boy!! I hope the rest come with as much ease.
  • I had this with Nathan today! Last week I noticed his 4ht which was quite big and couldnt belive i'd not seen it sooner, then today the 5th. They must be coming through really quickly as it looks quite big but wasnt there last week.

    Yay for our big boys!

  • They are growing up way too fast. I can't believe they're nearly 10 months. It's sad that soon he's gonna be a little boy and not a baby! *cry*

    Carly, Gabe had his first at 7 months, but they've come through quite quickly after that, and without many problems either!
  • Awww, little peggys! Thank goodness you still managed to get sleep, lol. xxx
  • Ahh at least he had no pain. Charlotte had a tooth come thru recently with no trouble. She now has 8 (4 top & bottom). I can remember when she had 5 come thru at once, omg that was a nightmare!! Now waiting for the pesky 1st molars.
    Gabe is really growing now isn't he. He'll soon be 1! I can remember when he was a newborn. It's all going so fast isn't it?!!
  • ARGH!!!! Jonathan got 2 bottom ones at 4 months he is now 8 months and has 1 top one and another on the way.... I thought they had a break from teething then and didnt get anymore teeth for a while.... but hey what do I know!! I am fed up with the teething.... its not fair and I cant begin to imagine how he feels image(

    Well done Gabe though xx
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