how long.....

do i have to go back to work before i would qualify for maternity leave again? i work for nhs if it makes any difference?!


  • not sure about how long to be honest if I am right when you are on maternity leave it counts as conitnuous service anyway so it shouldn't make a differenfe. What you SHOULD look out for is the dates when they calculate your allowance, they take the 11 weeks wages before the 15th week before ewc as in you want to be on your full earnings between week 12 of your pregnancy onwards so that you get the maximum maternity pay does this make sense?
  • I keep meaning to call the union to find out, but haven't gotten around to it yet! Moonbean, I thought they went from around 25 weeks pregnancy, and 8 or 9 weeks prior to this? Shall be watching this with interest, and try to remember to call the union x
  • hi thanks for reply. i hyave searched the www. and from what i see they use the 8 weeks befor the 15th week before your due date to calculate your masternity leave and you only need to return for 1 day.
    i only wondered because it looks like we might start tcc before we originally planned (planned to wait 3 years to start with) but if i can save some money when i go back in august and lose the stone i have left to lose (was tiold to get to healthy weight before ttc again as i was very poorly last time with breathing problems)
    yay!! im all excited now even tho i know iot will be a year at least till we start ttc again.
    thanks again for your reply x
  • it could be as im in norn iron, never even thought of that as its 11 weeks for me, sorry mrs but glad you got it sorted xx
  • i want to ttc straight away too and was wondering this.
  • thats ok moonbean. i will be back at work until at least January before we start i would think anyway but just wondered incase,lol.
    thanks for your help! x
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