Readybrek @ 7mths?

Evening ladies

Don't normally venture into this forum so "Hi".

I've run out of Hipp baby porridge and was wondering if I could give my 7mth old Readybrek?
If I can, should I make it with formula or full-fat milk? My LO has had cows milk in cheesey sauces with no probs. I would also offer a bottle of formula as his morning feed.


Liz x


  • I would have thought that it would be ok, as long as the salt content isn't too high. My lo is 6 months and I use cow's milk on her cereal, use formula though if you want to.
  • Hi there,

    My DS is 7 months old and I gave him readybrek last week and was fine with it. I remember my HV recommending it as it has a high iron content and is is much cheaper than baby porridge. As I struggle sometimes to get my DS to take a good amount of formula (averages between 14-19 oz of formula a day, I always use formula to make up it up although cow's milk would be fine too. My DS also loves weetabix soaked in his milk too! x
  • It is fine to use Ready Brek, it actually has a lower salt content than baby cereal. I use cows milk and have done since they turned 7 months x
  • I give my 6 month old readybrek, I tend to use her formula as it's a sneaky way of getting the rest of the bottle into her. I have used full fat cows milk too though xx
  • Thanks so much. That's fab xx
  • Lizzie has readybreak. we use soya milk on it as her formula is awful smelling. so far readybrek is the only thing she will eat for breakfast and HV said it was fine x
  • ive never used baby breakfast things. My kids always had weetabix or readybrek when they were big enough
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